Unsafe and Ineffective – The Biggest Lie Ever Sold | Chakaruna Media

A film questioning the safety and efficacy of so-called “COVID-19 vaccines”, featuring personal accounts of adverse reactions and data on health issues in vaccinated individuals.

Digital Debt and Global Governance – Whitney Webb and Mark Goodwin | Big Picture

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb warns about the dangers of digital IDs, CBDCs, and the potential for totalitarian control through these technologies.

Elysian Fields – House of Cards | Netflix

A scene that reflects the Bohemian Club and their annual meeting at Bohemian Grove, where they perform the "Cremation of Care" ritual ceremony.

America’s Most Evil Retreat | Exposing Things

Five months in the making. Eight years of research. This will be a documentary you never forget. The owls are not what they seem…

The Second Civil War

A simple immigration issue spins wildly out of control for those involved, ranging from the President of the United States, to a news producer.

The Underground History of The Israel-Palestine Conflict | Grand Theft World

The rise of Zionism, suppression of Arab revolt, and the Zionist insurgency against the British - events that ultimately led to the establishment of Israel and the displacement of Palestinians.

Are Algorithms Dividing Everyone into Separate Realities Online? | Truthstream Media

This distorted, individualised view of reality undermines our ability to form objective opinions, make informed decisions, and engage with diverse perspectives.

Fight the System – Chris Edward | Off Script

Chris Edward believes every one of us can transform the UK’s political and legal system through knowledge and fearlessness.

Gatekeepers, Kooks, Spooks and Agents of the State | Sheep Farm

The sheep farm boys discuss the acting gatekeeping intelligence assets undermining anyone who questions the matrix. 

Elizabeth Nickson – Rockefeller, MK-Ultra and Eco-Fascists | The Delingpod

Nickson brings her investigative skills and unique perspective to the discussion, shedding light on corrupt environmentalism, government overreach and the hidden hand.

Ian Carrol – Destroying the Deep State Narrative | Redacted

Ian Carroll joins Redacted for a deep dive conversation about the deep state agenda, social media censorship, and why the Game Stop story is so important.

Nixon: I Sold My Soul to… | Truthstream Media

A fictionalised Nixon reflecting on his political downfall, raging against his enemies and the powerful cabal he claims orchestrated his demise.

Barbara O’Neill – The Real Threat to Public Safety | The Delingpod

Barbara O'Neill is a persecuted health teacher and coach who believes in the body's natural healing potential.

All Roads Lead to the Jesuits: An Introduction | Amy Says WTF

The Jesuits are the military arm of the catholic church with a cold, sadistic, and unwavering devotion to their common goals.

Bilderberg | Amy Says WTF

The Bilderberg Group is a secret annual invitation-only conference of political leaders, experts from industry, finance, academia and the media.

The Tavistock Institute of Mind Control | Amy Says WTF

The Tavistock Institute is a powerful organisation that has had a profound influence on the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic policies of the USA and Great Britain.

An Invisible Threat | Sideways Films

An Invisible Threat looks at the relationship between microwave technology and health.

Matt Landman: The Weather is Engineered | The Delingpod

Matt Landman is the producer of geoengineering agenda documentary ‘Frankenskies’, which highlights Atmospheric Aerosol Injection, weather modification programs and worldwide geoengineering.

Dr. David A. Hughes – Totalitarian Biodigital Control | De Andere Krant

"Covid-19," psychological operations, and the war for technocracy: An Interview with Dr. David A. Hughes.

Enemy of Humanity – Mear One | Feature

In 2012, American artist Mear One created a thought-provoking mural titled "Freedom for Humanity", a scathing commentary on the class divide and the concentration of power.

Spacey Unmasked | Channel 4

"Spacey Unmasked" provides a detailed look at the allegations of harassment and misconduct against actor Kevin Spacey over the course of his career.

Fluffing Spacey – Downplaying a Scandal of Abuse and Betrayal | Alistair Williams

Kevin Spacey is accused of numerous sexual misconduct allegations spanning several decades and multiple countries. Piers Morgan couldn't care less.

MK-Ultra and Manson – Tom O’Neill Discusses His Book Chaos | William Ramsey

A journalist's twenty-year fascination with the Manson murders leads to gobsmacking new revelations about the FBI's involvement in this kaleidoscopic reassessment of an infamous case in American history.

The Chaos of the CIA and the Charles Mason Murders – Tom O’Neill | Tin Foil Hat

Author Tom O'Neill discusses his amazing book "Chaos: Charles Manson the CIA and the secret history of the sixties."

Is the Old Monarchy Dying? | Truthstream Media

Are we about to see a massive change to one of the oldest human systems in the modern world?

The Secrets of The Payseur Family; Myths, Legends and Stories from The Old World | Jared Boosters

If you are playing the long game the best thing that you can do is remain in the shadows.

The Mena Connection | Integrity Films

a documentary released in 1995 that investigates the CIA's use of Mena, Arkansas as a staging area for covert activities during the Reagan-Bush administration and the involvement of Governor Bill Clinton.

The Clinton Chronicles

A film that accuses former U.S. President Bill Clinton of various crimes, including murder, in Arkansas.

The Future of Food | The Corbett Report

We all know the problems of the modern factory farming system. But, as bad as things are, they’re about to get even worse.

Anarcho-Tyranny: Chaos by Design | HelioWave

Chaos by Design is a concept that describes a form of dystopia where a state or leadership deliberately allows or encourages chaos, lawlessness, and social ills to exist, often for their own power or control.

If I Were the Devil | Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey's thought-provoking essay describes many of the moral and cultural shifts that have occurred in society since 1965.

Mike Yeadon – The Drugs Don’t Work | Good Vibrations

Dr. Mike Yeadon is that rarest of entities - a former Big Pharma executive whose conscience over-wrote any concerns about money or status causing him to become a highly vocal whistleblower.

Predictive Programming and 9/11 | CVV

Predictive Programming suggests that certain symbols, themes, and events in media are intentionally planted to shape public perception and prepare people for future events.

How the Coming Population Collapse Will Change Society Forever | Moon

The coming population decline will require significant societal adaptations, including economic, social, and technological changes.

The Pagan Theocracy of the United Nations | New Discourses

The more one looks at the United Nations, the weirder it gets, particularly when looking at Robert Muller.

Elana Freeland – Chemtrails, Mind Control & EMF Weapons | The Delingpod

Elana Freeland is a writer, teacher, and lecturer who researches classified issues such as geoengineering, MK-ULTRA, and invasive electromagnetic weapons.

A Devil in Disguise

A documentary series exposing the true agenda of Zionism and The Greater Israel Project.

Old World Order | Stew Peters

A documentary exploring the idea that our history has been fabricated and that the official timeline of recent events does not match reality.

Hollywoodism: How The Jews Invented Hollywood

The history of the influence of Eastern European Jewish Emigre culture has had on Hollywood and the films created in its golden age.

Mike Williams – Tavistock, Social Engineering and The Beatles | The Delingpod

Mike Williams is one of the leading Beatles researchers in the world. His presentations and interviews on Paul McCartney and The Beatles have achieved millions of views worldwide.

David Hughes: Ruling Elites Working to Install Global Totalitarian State | Geopolitics & Empire

David Hughes discusses his fantastic book which breaks down how Operation Covid was really a ruse to usher in a global biodigital totalitarian world state.

9/11 From Cheney to Mossad – Rebekah Roth | SGT Report

Was Gelitin's "B-Thing" project at the World Trade Center a Trojan Horse of deception?

How Much of This So-Called AI Future Simply Isn’t Real? | Truthstream Media

It appears that a significant portion of the AI capabilities being touted and demonstrated by tech companies is not yet real or fully functional in practice.

Is Every Illness, Disease and Ailment Due to a Mineral Deficiency? | The Principles

In this discussion, Steve Falconer informs us about the 12 Tissue Salts, also known as Schuessler Cell Salts. There are 27 in total, with 12 being primary.

Forces Occultes

Forces occultes is a French film from 1943 that depicts a young member of parliament, Pierre Avenel, who joins the Freemasons in order to advance his political career.

The Tall Israeli That Runs The Rap Industry | The Vigilant One

Lyor Cohen has been actively involved in hip-hop at various top labels for more than 30 years. But how much power does he have in the music industry?

Queer Theory Is the Doctrine of a Sex-Based Cult | New Discourses

James Lindsay explains how Queer Theory is the doctrine of a sex-based cult that primarily targets children and has little to do with gay identity.

The Entire Story of Greek Mythology Explained | The Life Guide

From the very beginnings of Chaos to the adventures of Odysseus, this video takes you through, in chronological order, the entire story of Greek Mythology.

Deep Diving P. Diddy’s Trafficking Investigation: It’s Worse Than You Think… | Mile Higher

There is a darker side to P. Diddy’s wealth and fame, being named in several lawsuits since November 2023 accusing him of physical and sexual abuse, drug trafficking, and more.

Dark Secrets of the Wizard of Oz | Jay Myers

The Wizard of Oz, while often seen as a lighthearted children's story, has been interpreted by many as containing hidden meanings and dark undertones.

Meet Benjamin Netanyahu, Unconvicted War Criminal | The Corbett Report

Uncover all the dirt on the unindicted war criminal presiding over Israel’s crimes against humanity in this important edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

Playing God

Playing God is a profoundly moving documentary that dives into the heart-wrenching journeys of families who have lost their loved ones to end-of-life drugs.

Sasha Latypova – Bioweapons and Murder Protocols | The Delingpod

Sasha Latypova is a retired big pharma executive now dedicated to revealing the true nature of the Covid plandemic and global agenda.

Why Did The Jew Cross The Road? | JACK’D

Is Campaign Against Antisemitism a charity? Or is Gideon Falter a terrorist?

The Old World Mysterium | WaykiWayki

The distortion and omission of historical events in education and media has contributed to a lack of understanding of our past, leading to a disconnect from our origins.

Bohemian Grove is a Nemeton | Truthstream Media

The nemeton was a fundamental part of ancient Celtic religion, serving as a sacred natural space or grove where religious ceremonies and offerings took place.

The Last Days of The Big Lie | Eric Hunt

A controversial documentary that claims to debunk many of the "facts" presented in the Oscar-winning Holocaust documentary The Last Days, produced by Steven Spielberg.

Sam and Mark Bailey – The Final Pandemic | Jerm Warfare

Sam and Mark Bailey expose diagnostic tests, data manipulation, rubbish doctors, pharmaceutical greed, illness rebranding, press release science and lab-leak nonsense.

Black Swan Blues | AEWAR

Something that most people now instinctively know is inevitable - the Black Swan event that breaks our current timeline and forces us all onto a different trajectory; an ending and then a beginning.

Resisting Tyranny – Pastor Artur Pawlowski | The Delingpod

Polish-Canadian Evangelical Minister, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, relays to James his experience of standing up to multiple Canadian authorities during the 'COVID-19 pandemic'.

“COVID-19”, Psychological Operations, and the War for Technocracy – Dr. David Hughes | William Ramsey

How the perceived threat of "Covid-19" was influenced by military-grade propaganda orchestrated by governments and the media, creating a sense of fear and urgency.


A film that delves into the controversial figure of Sean "Diddy" Combs, exploring allegations of sexual assault, rape, and abuse against him.

Stakeholder Communism | Yellow Forum

"Stakeholder Communism" explores a new political system that is discreetly being promoted by the World Economic Forum and G20 governments.

Ruby Ridge: Anatomy of a Tragedy | Jon Nealon

This film delves into the Randy Weaver case, focusing on the tragic events that unfolded at Ruby Ridge in Boundary County, Idaho, in August 1992.

Interview with Free Speech Martyr, Alison Chabloz | JACK’D

The Campaign Against Antisemitism have made Alison’s life absolute hell for the crime of having a phenomenal sense of humour.

KINGDOM | Lubomir Arsov

It's against immense odds that the brilliance of one's soul spark ignites – and it's through the unison of our sparks that the purifying inferno of Truth blazes.

Where Does It End? | Protective Fences

A thought-provoking track that encourages listeners to consider the state of modern society and the need for resistance and action.

1945: The Savage Peace – Atrocities Against Germans | BBC

A film that delves into the brutal aftermath of World War II, shedding light on the atrocities committed against the defeated Germans.

The Nickelodeon Predator Factory | Moon

In recent years, disturbing revelations have come to light regarding predatory behavior within the entertainment industry, particularly at Nickelodeon.

Bassem Youssef: There’s Too Much Killing | Channel 4

Bassem Youssef shares his disillusionment with the West's approach to human rights and international law in a conversation on the Israel-Palestine war.

What Really Happened on October 7 | DDN

The video Israel does not want you to see. Journalist, Richard Sanders discusses the Al Jazeera film, 'October 7'.

October 7 | Al Jazeera

October 7: Forensic analysis shows Hamas abuses and many false Israeli claims.

Climate The Movie | Martin Durkin

The film that lifts the lid on the climate alarm, and the dark forces behind the climate consensus.

October 7 Was an Inside Job | John Hankey

John Hankey alleges that Israel was behind the attacks of October 7, and that Hamas is run by Israeli interests. 

Mark Attwood – Beyond Evil | SGT Report

Mark Attwood joins SGT Report to discuss the compromised child trafficking, blood drinking satanists whose favourite trade is human flesh.

Catherine Austin Fitts – Lawless Criminal Control Syndicate | USA Watchdog

The Lawless Criminal Control Syndicate is a term used to describe organised crime groups that infiltrate and control various aspects of government and business.

Fake News Has Been Used for Hundreds of Years to Justify Censorship of Dissent | Truthstream Media

Throughout history, those in power have manipulated facts to present lies as truth, leading to the suppression of information that challenges the status quo.

The Cult of the Eclipse | Robert Sepehr

Eclipses have inspired fear and awe among civilisations throughout history. Robert Sepehr explains its occult esoteric significance and how that relates to the cult that covertly rules the world.

Laura Marion – Elite Bloodline Families Named | The Delingpod

While their influence and exact roles may be subject to debate and speculation, bloodline families are often portrayed as key players in the intricate web of world power dynamics.