The Trump Resistance Was Great While It Lasted | Opinion

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The Trump Presidency was the last stand of a defiant population.

The Alamo vs The Cabal.

The Deep state and their Globalist power masters have won, and to be fair, it doesn’t look good for humanity from here on in. Trump was the catalyst and the symbol, of one last attempt by western civilisation to save itself from ultimate destruction. it’s all too easy to see where we’re precipitating to now. Our voice seems to have gone, along with most conservatives into the great void of castigation. Silenced. Demoralised. Weakened. Yet it’s not all doom and gloom…

We the oppressed inhabitants of western societies are now more united than ever before, especially after we have witnessed what the cabal have been able to pull off. Trump increased his vote from his victory in 2016 by over 15,000,000 votes and still lost. Laugh out bloody loud !! What a joke. A man who couldn’t get ten people to attend a rally won more votes than any other candidate in American history. At least we’ll be dragged to the camps knowing.

Voting machines owned by Chinese operatives. Voting counts halted over-night. Millions more voters than at anytime in electoral history. The list goes on and on … we’ve all heard the stories, seen the videos. This was a globalist communist coup. No other leader will dare stand up to China or The Cabal now. They know it. Watch the crooks all rush to abandon Trump, like the cowardly controlled simps they are. My money is on Boris to be one of the first whimpering gutless slobs to do so.

Still we the people fight on, encouraged in the knowledge that we are on the right side of history, fighting for our children’s and our friends future. They think they’ve won, but they’ve won nothing yet. Too many have seen the light. The Numbers are too great to crush instantly.

We have to change our habits. Business habits. Purchasing habits. User habits. Find out who you are giving our money to and chose wisely. No longer play their game. The consumer still has some power. Amazon is really really bad. It wasn’t so long ago we could live without them. Just like it’s easy to live without the fake news now. You realise you’re missing nothing.

The News Media have been exposed beyond all doubt as frauds. The deep state puppets have nailed their colours to the mast. Hollywood has been revealed as a stinking swamp of irrelevance, narcissism and sleaze. All the mystery has gone. Never to be icons again.

The same fools built the tower of Babel.

There are new gods on planet earth and they come in the form of the tech lizards and their amphibian offspring. They and their courtiers now possess the means by which all future things will be decided. To their wishes. There are at least seven individuals with more power than most countries and any elected leader.

The worlds 7 most dangerous men. (Yep, they’re all men – wizards who’ll put you under a spell)

Bill Gates

Mark Zuckerberg

George Soros

Jack Dorsey

Tim Cook

Jeff Bezos

Sundar Pichai

These are names that will now forever be synonymous with tyranny and oppression. The people who think they rule the world. The people who want everything and who will destroy everything to get what they want. I can put it in no simpler terms. They think it’s their planet.

First thing they’re going to do is round up the dissidents and troublemakers, next will be the readers… then a free for all. How many historical examples do you need? The digital world has made all this so easy. That’s why votes on paper are disappearing. Paper money is will be gone by year out. It’s the great reset. If your banned from the digital world you can no longer sustain yourself or your family. Watch the walls go up now that they’ve got rid of President Trump. Trespassers will be exterminated on glowing neon signs. BLM and ANTIFA will be phased out like the bus services that ferried them across the country for anarchy. Purpose served. No longer useful. Kaepernick can go back to being a shite footballer. It’s over in the minds of the cabal. They’ve won.

We think they are wrong.

For many of us the Trump presidency was the start of something new. A bold new way of restructuring how things get done. With common sense and without war. Trump’s legacy will be huge and worldwide. The movement he created will grow stronger and smarter. The Donald was the greatest, ever. So, whatever happens next,,,

Wow !! What a ride !! and as Bill Hicks so eloquently said, “it’s just a ride…”



Parler Back By February | The Void

Great News.

Big Blow For Tech Tyrannies?

Major Victory For Freedom?

Parler CEO says, Parler will likely be back up and running by mid-Feb. This news will delight Parler’s millions of users and could also be a major victory in the fight for freedom of expression and a major blow for the tyrants running Big Tech.

Earlier this month, Apple removed the Parler app from its store and Amazon removed its servers, in what can only be described as a corporate crushing. These mighty tech giants saw Parler and its open approach to freedom of speech as a direct threat to their business model, and to their plans to control society by means of controlling language and thought. aka 1984 on acid. As expected, we the people were appalled by this savage act of corporate fascism, while the Left quietly gave big tech a nod and wink –  for the greater good of course. Marxist enslavement.

The_Void wishes Parler’s CEO John Matze all the very best in his endeavours. We have long championed Parler’s virtues as a game changer in social media.




Source: Parler CEO Says Twitter Rival Likely To Go Back Live By February – I24news


Jack The Rat Gets Caught In A Trap | Opinion

Snared like Rattus norvegicus

King Rat gets cornered in his own lair | The_Void

Well done Project Veritas for their most recent and probably most important exposé yet. Their strategically placed insider released a bombshell conference call that was straight out of Naked Gun. The Prophet Jack, resplendent in sack clothed robes, and appearing ever more Jesus like (a classic disguise for Satanists) let rip his sinister plot to take down President Trump and RULE THE WORLD.

All that was missing was the over dramatic, machiavellian fist in the air…


“Nothing in the world can stop me now!!”



Jack Dorsey who effortlessly came across as just the type of man who would sell his sister to slave traders, blurted out his insidious plan, occasionally referencing he who cannot be named, babbling on about…

“ONE ACCOUNT – this one account – and to infinite and beyond one account!”

like some half-baked smack-head wizard. He went on to say,

“Ve have vays of silencing all decent…

Exterminate the QAnons!!

Take Poland!!”

Oops sorry, wrong tape, but you get the gist.

This absolute danger really should be sectioned.

What next for King Rat, now that he has solipsistically rid the world of Trump?

Buy Greenland before?

Rebuild The Fatherland?

A final solution for cats and Jack Russell Terriers?


The_Void’s hopes are stacked on him fulfilling his lifelong ambition to travel in space.

Fingers crossed he’ll be on the first mission to Mars. Stored in a jar.



Jack Dorsey, the CIA and Twitter Censorship in the Age of Covid-19 | unlimitedhangout

In Part 1 of this series on the emergence of the “celebrity humanitarianism” complex of the 21st century and its role in the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, I covered the evolution of Hollywood actor Sean Penn from anti-Iraq-war activist to establishment narrative endorser and advocate for the predator class factions dominated by the Clinton family cabal and globalism.

Penn was one of the three men together on a beach holiday that was featured in a Daily Mail article in November 2020. Another of the three global influencers strolling on the beach with Penn was “technology entrepreneur” and the CEO and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. Dorsey’s meteoric rise to fame as a leading innovator in the world of data technology began to falter in 2016/17 when 247 Wall Street listed Dorsey among the twenty worst CEOs in America. In this article, I will investigate Dorsey’s involvement in the narrative management of Covid-19 and his potential contribution to the roll out of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset that has been accelerated by the Coronavirus “pandemic” exercise.

Like Penn, Dorsey is a supporter of the Democratic Party. Dorsey broke ranks with the billionaire bloc to donate $ 5600 to Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign after the June 2019 Democratic debates. Dorsey cites Gabbard’s anti-war stance as the reason for his support. Dorsey also contributed to the campaigns of Andrew Yang and Jay Inslee. Dorsey commends Yang for his “focus on artificial intelligence and automation” (emphasis added). Dorsey has also endorsed the philanthrocapitalist “climate change” portfolio – in a tweet Dorsey says that Gabbard and Yang’s “voices are important to surface in debates”, adding:

“Along with systemically addressing climate change and economic injustice, these are the key issues of global consequence I want to see considered and discussed more.” 

Dorsey as well as the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, were subpoenaed to a US Senate hearing in November 2020, where their platforms were accused of anti-conservative bias after their effective suppression of the Hunter Biden China scandal. Of the two social media platforms, Twitter was deemed to be the most aggressive in its censorship of the New York Post article.

US conservatives were outraged that a story critical of Joe Biden, with potential to turn the election in favour of Donald Trump, was being buried by platforms as influential as Twitter and Facebook. Dorsey’s rationale for this unprecedented censorship had been that Twitter policies prohibit “directly distributing content obtained through hacking that contains private information”. Dorsey later back-pedalled but by then, the story had effectively been “disappeared” and damage to the Biden campaign had been successfully limited.

Dorsey’s apparent absorption into the transnational billionaire complex controlling the global response to the Covid-19 “pandemic” and orchestrating the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will be explored throughout this article.

From Square to Covid-19 – Dorsey transfers $ 1 billion to “disarm the pandemic”

In addition to Twitter, Dorsey is also the CEO of Square, a digital payments platform. In April 2020, Dorsey transferred an alleged 28% of his wealth from Square to his Start Small LLC (SS) to fund Covid-19 relief globally. The $1 billion donation represents the most significant “philanthropic” donation made by the tech-billionaire during his entire career.

One month after the launch of SS, Dorsey announced on Twitter the disbursement of $87.8 million to a number of initiatives apparently responding to fall-out from Covid-19 response measures. The disbursements included $600,000 to help develop “high impact digital learning tools to support special needs students and English language learners who are most affected by the crisis and will experience the most learning loss during school closures”.

The reality is that none of these measures would be necessary if scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, medical staff and experts opposing the disproportionate response to a virus [seemingly] less deadly than seasonal flu had been taken into consideration by the institutions and governments rolling out the draconian “lockdown” of global populations in preparation for the Great Reset. Dorsey’s and Twitter’s role in ensuring the censorship and de-platforming of dissenting voices is also examined in this article.

Let us not forget that “a report from the Institute for Policy Studies found that, while tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs during the coronavirus ‘pandemic’, America’s ultra-wealthy elite have seen their net worth surge by $ 82 billion in just 23 days” as picked up by journalist, Cory Morningstar, who is also cited below.

In May 2020, Dorsey donated $10 million to Sean Penn’s CORE response which supported CORE’s national expansion of Covid-19 drive-through test sites “into Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans and the Navajo Nation”. The origins of the CORE initiative are examined in detail in Part 1 of this series. Dorsey is also credited with persuading Penn to join Twitter in May 2020.

As Dorsey stated in his April 2020 tweet (above):

“After we disarm this pandemic, the focus will shift to girl’s health and education, and [Universal Basic Income] or UBI.”

Dorsey’s involvement in the promotion of UBI demonstrates his endorsement of measures which are designed to shore up economic privilege for members of the global billionaire cartels while asset-stripping and disenfranchising the working classes and what remains of an already decimated middle class in the West.

Cory Morningstar, one of the foremost voices speaking out about the unprecedented power grab being facilitated by the Covid-19 narratives, gave me this statement with regards to the covert threat of UBI:

Covid-19 is the catalyst for the Great Reset, in which universal basic income plays a securing role. Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the strategic solution to protect the ruling classes from Molotov cocktails and global civil unrest by those being methodically dispossessed of their occupations, dignity and self-preservation – the working class, much middle class, peasantry, artisans, and those that comprise the informal economy that presides in the Global South. Disclosures on coming “disbanding of existing safety-net programs” are not included in the foundation-funded marketing campaigns. 

When UBI begins to be rolled out globally, one can expect public healthcare to slowly disappear, replaced by privatized services (largely Telehealth). Further, UBI payments will be linked to benefits via blockchain – ensuring full spectrum compliance and servitude of whole societies. Billionaires are supporting/financing UBI marketing campaigns for good reason: it is preferable to pay a pittance to the citizenry than to risk losing the social license that allows for the continued decimation of the Earth, coupled with the continued exploitation of those most oppressed and vulnerable.

The real motive behind Jack Dorsey’s interest in Africa

Dorsey’s focus on UBI and girl’s health and education is mirrored, coincidentally, by the interests of the Clinton Foundation in Africa. Dorsey had been planning to relocate to Africa for six months in 2020, plans that were apparently derailed by the Coronavirus crisis although a more likely obstacle was investor concern that his pivot to Square and the opportunities presented for digital payment remodeling in Africa’s cash-based society would lead to his neglect of Twitter.

In 2015, Bill and Chelsea Clinton led an entourage of powerful elite sponsors of the Clinton Foundation to Africa for Bill Clinton’s 12th visit to the resource-plundered continent. Dorsey joined the Clintons, Microsoft (via Bill Gates), Facebook and Google in a bid to ensnare the developing market sector into their accelerator programmes and debt enslavement campaigns. Visa, Mastercard and Salesforce are also establishing venture investments in African start-ups.

According to “Witney Schneidman, a Brookings fellow with the Africa Growth Initiative and former deputy secretary of state Clinton administration”, Dorsey was in the right place at the right time. In November 2019, Dorsey tweeted that Africa “will define the future (especially the bitcoin one)” The African continent comprises 54 countries with a combined population of 1.3 billion people with the highest population growth rate in the world. The world’s largest population of people without banks, trading in cash. Ripe for exploitation by the world’s robber barons and financial-tech-carpet-baggers.

In November 2020, Dorsey was the closing keynote speaker for the Africa Fintech Summit sponsored by Dedalus Global and Ibex Frontier. Dorsey is described as a “futurist”, a “visionary”, and one of the “biggest influencers in tech ecosystems worldwide”. “With an unbanked population of 66% and a credit card penetration rate that averages 1.5%, the applications for crypto in sub-Saharan Africa can only help solidify Dorsey’s interest in the continent” (Africa News)

Dorsey is investing in the reinvention of colonialism as smart growth, the new-age digital colonialism. The Facebook’s internet footprint in Africa and its Orwellian ambitions for that continent are covered in detail in this article by investigative journalist, Cory Morningstar. Morningstar has showed in her recent and past work how the billionaire class seeks to facilitate the absorption of the Global South into a paternalistic, inherently racist, Global North power structure that will suck the lifeblood out of these nations via “philanthropic” channels that have been constructed to mine data, resources, livelihoods and cultural infrastructure until it is an overpopulated, micro-managed colony with no access to development unless it is plugged into the predator class mothership.

As Africa meets the 4IR Fourth Industrial Revolution], its youth will be one of its most important assets” – August 2020, World Economic Forum: How can Africa succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Dorsey, the Clintons and the technological “disruption” of Haiti

Dorsey’s history of rubbing shoulders with the Clinton clan goes way back. Just as Sean Penn was heavily involved with the Clinton’s rapacious policies in Haiti, Dorsey was a keynote speaker at the Haiti Tech Summit in 2018, an event that is also described as the “Davos of the Caribbean”. The summit was organised by the Global Startup Ecosystem which, according to their website, “hosts the world’s first and largest digital accelerator- supporting 1000 companies from 90 countries every year”. Target regions are Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East.

Taken from their website, in 2017, GSE launched a 13 year initiative to accelerate emerging market ecosystems every year until 2030 in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The “iconic” Haiti Tech Summit was the pilot launch. The company was projecting 54 tech summits in 2020, to be held virtually and “across all major hubs globally”. Alongside Dorsey at the 2018 Haiti Tech summit were representatives from other Silicon Valley giants — Google, Facebook and YouTube. The end of summit message from the summit’s founder and GSE’s co-founder, Christine Souffrant Ntim, informed the audience that Haiti “was ready for disruption”. This is an unfortunate choice of words considering the decades of “disruption” that have been inflicted upon the semi-colonised island by a series of US administrations, dominated by the Clintons’ exploitation policies targeting Haiti.

Screenshot from Haitian Times video report on the Tech Summit 2018.

This is nothing less than implementation of UN Agenda 2030, an agenda that aims to privatise and seize control of land, resources, energy, education and to digitalise the world we live in, to bring us all into city-based data colonies that can be easily controlled and manipulated for the benefit of the vulture class – the billionaire elites who perceive this world to be their exclusive bread basket and the “little people” as the “useless” expendables.

GSE’s website lists Dorsey as a member of their speaker network that includes Ben Horowitz and Sophia, the world’s celebrity robot. Horowitz is co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that invests in technology start-ups, and their better-known investments include GitHub, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. GSE partners include LinkedIn, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Forbes. GSE’s mission is to “prepare individuals and organisations for the digital age” according to Einstein Ntim, managing partner at GSE – a goal completely in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Covid-19-facilitated Great Reset.

Dorsey and the Transition Integrity Project – Berggruen Institute

Dorsey’s involvement with the Berggruen Institute (BI) is an indication of his collaboration with some of the most powerful neoconservative influencers in US politics. BI is another transformational future-shaping conglomerate “promoting long term answers to the biggest challenges of the 21st Century”. Nicolas Berggruen is the co-founder and chairman of BI. Berggruen has been pivotal in the restructuring and reinventing of “democracy” for the new digital age. Berggruen used the institute as a launch pad for a number of government reform projects. These include the 21st Century Council which brought together former heads of state – with Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroder, Helle Thorning Schmidt and Nicolas Sarkozybeing just a few of names on the list. Dorsey was a member of the 21st Century Council and is one of Berggruen’s “people”.

Berggruen established the “Think Long Committee for California” in 2010. The committee included such neoconservative and “progressive” luminaries as Condoleeza Rice and Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) and its purpose was to effectively create a new set of rules for governance, using Agenda 21 Sustainable Development grants to impose regional governance.

Soros/Berggruen/von der Leyen

In 2012, Berggruen’s Council for the Future of Europe met in Berlin to discuss Europe Beyond the Crisis. Speeches were given by former UK Labour Party leader and criminal globalist, Tony Blair, billionaire influencer and transnational interventionist, George Soros and George Papandreou, former PM of Greece and last in a long line of corrupt imperialist sycophants. Dorsey has effectively embedded himself into one of the most influential and predatory of the neocon cartels. Dorsey is a minor in the billionaire circle but a major in identifying the foremost power hubs.

Berggruen is also behind the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), recently covered by investigative journalist, Whitney Webb, for Unlimited Hangout who described the TIP as:

“A group of Democratic Party insiders and former Obama and Clinton era officials as well as a cadre of “Never Trump” neoconservative Republicans have spent the past few months conducting simulations and “war games” regarding different 2020 election “doomsday” scenarios.”

Another sinister Berggruen programme is the “Transformations of the Human” which has all the hallmarks of a transhumanism agenda. The concept involves the placing of philosophers and artists in key research sites “to foster dialogue with technologists”. The “aim of the program is to render AI and Biotech visible as unusually potent experimental sites for reformulating our vocabulary for thinking about ourselves” which could be interpreted as reprogramming humanity. The findings will be fed back into the “production of both AI and biotech and to thereby contribute to both human and non-human flourishing” or perhaps to merge the two?

As investigative journalist, James Corbett, warns “are we ready to give up our humanity” to succumb to the “ethical use of technology to extend human capabilities?”. The redesigning or genetic modification of the human condition is not science fiction, it is the bedrock of the ideology of those who rule this world behind the facade of government.

As Julian Huxley, an influential English evolutionary biologist, eugenicist, and internationalist wrote, in the last century:

 “…unless [civilised societies] invent and enforce adequate measures for regulating human reproduction, for controlling the quantity of population, and at least preventing the deterioration of quality of racial stock, they are doomed to decay …”

Huxley invented the term “transhumanism” just before he became President of the British Eugenics Society, 1959-62. Huxley was also the first Director General of UNESCO.

Author, Dean Koontz, described the age of Transhumanism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution very succinctly:

“We live in hubristic age, when politicians imagine themselves to be messiahs and when many in the sciences frankly discuss their dreams of creating a “post-human” civilization of genetically engineered supermen, ignorant of the fact that like minds have often come before them and have left no legacy but death, destruction, and despair.”

Dorsey’s close ties to those whose purpose is to reinstate a Silicon Valley-backed Democrat as US President and to oust President Trump who, to some degree, slowed down the global military interventionism of the neocon camp in Washington as well as Twitter’s record of protectionism of the Biden election campaign are perhaps what, currently, make Dorsey an accepted member of the overclass.

It should be no surprise, therefore, that Nicholas Pacilio, senior communications manager at Twitter, who deleted Trump tweets claiming (correctly) children are almost immune from Covid-19, was formerly the press secretary for Kamala Harris, Biden’s pick for vice president. Twitter’s proclaimed neutrality is rendered nonsensical by all the above and by their collaboration across the board with global influencers whose futurist agenda is reliant upon the acceptance of official Covid-19 narratives.

Dorsey’s anti-conservative Twitter censorship policy is also supported by online petition giant, Avaaz, who were instrumental in the fomenting of conflict in Syria from the outset in 2011 and well versed in the art of selling hate for Empire.

Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey – investing in civil unrest?

Dorsey and Covid-19 impresario, Bill Gates, are alleged indirect funders of the BAIL Project (BP). The project was established to bail out protestors who participated in the George Floyd demonstrations and riots. BAIL is reported to have connections to Antifa, an organisation associated with stoking civil unrest and being “primary instigators of violence at public rallies” according to declassified Department of Homeland Security and FBI studies from 2016, the first year of Trump’s presidency. While many of the reports linking Dorsey to BAIL and BAIL to Antifa can be described as “conservative”, Dorsey’s Start Small initiative has donated to Black Lives Matter, suspected to be another of the billionaire co-opted organisations designed to harness and control black power globally.

The Audacious Project (housed at TED) was seed-funded $ 250 million by Gates, Skoll and Dalio Foundations. The BAIL Project was one of the five recipients of $ 50 million funding from the Audacious Project and is partnered by TED directly according to their own website.  The Audacious Project, “a new model to inspire change”, is yet another node in the philanthrocapitalist complex wreaking havoc globally under the pretext of building a better future for all. In reality, such groups are building a system that will make the world’s wealthiest class even wealthier and will give ever increasing control over the global resource inventory.

When the connection is made to the Transition Integrity Project and Gates and Dorsey’s suspected involvement in BAIL and potentially Antifa, it makes sense that these narrative builders of the Covid-19 paradigm would be behind the scenes of the planned civil unrest in the US.

Further evidence of Twitter’s role as a surveillance tool for US intelligence agencies and influencers on Covid-19 response came when The Intercept exposed the AI start-up Dataminr and that company’s involvement in the monitoring of the Floyd protests and provision of that data to police and security forces nationwide. While both Twitter and Dataminr deny any engagement in domestic surveillance, these accusations followed on from the 2016 controversies that aligned Twitter with the CIA as investors in, or partners of Dataminr. The Twitter-Dataminr collaboration permitted Dataminr to scan every public tweet as soon as it was published, giving them advance warning of any incoming protests or dissident action.

Despite the denial of surveillance activity by both Twitter and Dataminr, “monitoring activities and forwarding information to the police is clearly surveillance” explained Andrew Ferguson, author of “The Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcement.”

In 2016, Twitter allegedly asked that Dataminr stop providing intelligence agencies with Twitter tools and content but as TechCrunch reported:

“.. Dataminr  isn’t ending its relationship with the government altogether: Dataminir still counts In-Q-Tel, the non-profit investment arm of the CIA, as an investor. Dataminr has taken investment from Twitter, too, highlighting some of the conflicts that remain as tech companies fight for more transparency and autonomy from government control.”

Dataminr’s Yale leadership is believed to still have a $ 255,000 contract with the Department of Homeland Security. The protestations of Twitter and apparent withdrawal from US intelligence blood-hounding by Dataminr appear to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors designed to put the public off the scent.

However, perhaps even more relevant to the Twitter censorship of Covid-19 dissident media, scientists and medical experts, and famously, David Icke, all of whom were challenging establishment “science”, is perhaps also related to its partnership with Dataminr. In late 2016, Twitter told TechCrunch that Dataminr “uses public Tweets to sell breaking news alerts to […] government agencies such as the World Health Organisation” although the “not for surveillance” caveat was thrown in.

The billionaire complex apprentices, managing narratives for their mentors

Penn and Dorsey are not in the upper echelons of the ruling elite circles. They are the keen instruments of power, eager to please and to do the bidding of those in positions of power they perhaps aspire to one day. The wealthiest people in the world are providing funding for the Covid-19 response, with good reason. It is the portal to the world vision they have been working towards for decades, perhaps even centuries.

At the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, January 2020, historian and philosopher, Yuval Harari, gave talks on the future of humanity. Harari talks about the “useless class”, he describes the data colonies that will be formed under some projected “dictator.” In the world, Harari envision, if a dissident’s mind can be read by a centralised AI data hub, he can be arrested for non-compliance with the dictatorship.

Of course, the global dictatorship is already here with the Covid-19 measures, the obligatory masking, martial law, the Army deployed to roll out testing and vaccines, mandatory vaccines (you will not be able to function in society without one), the incarceration of the elderly, the destitution and isolation of children in schools and distance learning, digitalised education systems. The future according to this totalitarian, neo-feudalist system is bleak for humanity unless we collectively wake up.

Penn and Dorsey are just two of a collection of useful pathways to the Great Reset. They are the fear-stokers and narrative managers, ensuring that people fear death, fear their own powerlessness against a “virus” that stalks them even in their own home.

As journalist, Peter Koenig, described earlier this year:

“The virus is just a clever idea to use an invisible enemy for instilling fear, worldwide, by this minuscule, insanely rich and psychotically power-hungry elite to put the entire world population to its knees. FEAR that obliterates the human immune system and may bring about a range of illnesses far worse than covid-19, including cancer, coronary diseases, diabetes – and much more.”

It is time to recognise that death is an inevitable part of our existence as human beings, that visions of immortality offered by those who will distort and twist humanity out of shape to create a dystopian future for all but the very privileged few, are nothing but the erosion of all that is human. Being human is what will enable us to fight back. When we remember what we cherish as human beings, a smile, a hug, the comfort of touch and the warmth of human interaction perhaps we will start fighting before we lose what makes us who we are to the vision of those who see us as ultimately expendable.

Source: Jack Dorsey, the CIA and Twitter Censorship in the Age of Covid-19 –


HSBC Says Customers Who Don’t Wear Face Masks Could Have Their Accounts Terminated | Summit News

It’s incredible how easily corporations adapt to fascism.

It also goes a long way to explain Mercedes, Deutsche Bank, and Bayer’s behaviour during the second world war.

It’s How They Roll | The_Void


Despite previous government denials that there are any plans to roll out COVID vaccine passports, reports have confirmed that every person vaccinated in two select areas of Britain will be offered exactly that as a ‘trial’ being rolled out with immediate effect.

The London Telegraph reports that biometrics firm iProov and cybersecurity firm Mvine have developed the vaccine passports, which will be optionally provided as an app on phones of those vaccinated.

The government will conduct the rollout in two local authorities, and monitor its application until March.

The report notes that the government has ploughed £75,000 into the trial already, which is claimed to be a way of monitoring who has had the vaccine.

Frank Joshi, director and founder of Mvine noted that while the project started as just a way of keeping a record of COVID tests, extra funding was pumped into it in order to turn it into a vaccine passport scheme.

“Originally we started off with this need to prove whether you’ve had an antibody test, but it can be equally used to demonstrate whether you’ve been vaccinated,”

Joshi said, according to the report.

Andrew Bud, chief executive of the other company involved, iProov, said that the system will be integrated with the National Health Service, and could easily be rolled out to everyone in the country.

“We’re talking about a piece of remarkable technology that can be brought to bear and can be readily integrated with the NHS,”

he said.

The development appears to be separate from the government contracts given to two other firms to develop COIVD ‘freedom passports’, which we reported on several weeks ago.

Last month, Britain’s vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi announced that the government had no plans to introduce immunity passports en mass, or place restrictions on those who do not take the jab.

This latest revelation puts Zahawi’s already dubious claim into serious doubt.

We also previously reported, back in November, on the UK government’s active plans to develop a QR code system to use as an ‘immunity passport’.

The report, stemming from sources close to the government, noted that

“Those who refuse to get the Covid-19 jab would likely be refused entry to venues, as part of the same proposals.”

Other reports have suggested that an app already used prominently in the UK by people to book doctor and hospital appointments could implement a vaccination status section that will show whether a person has taken the coronavirus jab or not, and that businesses may use it to refuse entry to those who have not.

The spectre of so called ‘immunity passports’ is looming globally.

Yesterday it was revealed that Denmark is the latest country to announce that it is rolling out a ‘Covid passport’, to allow those who have taken the vaccine to engage in society without any restrictions.

Recently, the government in Ontario, Canada admitted that it is exploring ‘immunity passports’ in conjunction with restrictions on travel and access to social venues for the unvaccinated.

Last month, Israel announced that citizens who get the COVID-19 vaccine will be given ‘green passports’ that will enable them to attend venues and eat at restaurants.

litany of other government and travel industry figures in both the US, Britain and beyond have suggested that ‘COVID passports’ are coming in order for ‘life to get back to normal’.

Sam Grant, campaign manager at the civili liberties advocacy group Liberty has warned that

“any form of immunity passport risks creating a two-tier system in which some of us have access to freedoms and support while others are shut out.”

“These systems could result in people who don’t have immunity potentially being blocked from essential public services, work or housing – with the most marginalised among us hardest hit,”

Grant further warned.

“This has wider implications too because any form of immunity passport could pave the way for a full ID system – an idea which has repeatedly been rejected as incompatible with building a rights-respecting society,”

Grant further urged.


Source: HSBC Says Customers Who Don’t Wear Face Masks Could Have Their Accounts Terminated – Summit News


Why The Fascists of Silicon Valley Murdered Parler | Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald: How Silicon Valley, in a show of monopolistic force, destroyed Parler in a calculated attack.

Silicon Valley is the home of The Fourth Reich | The_Void

Greenwald’s excellent piece draws the stark contrast between the tech monopolies and successful new enterprises. Like every fascist that has gone before them, big tech crushes any opposition or threat to their business. It really is time for the public to abandon these sinister organisation and stand up for the individual and freedom. If not stopped now, who’s to say these tyrannical giants won’t be forming their own armies to crush us all.

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Authored by Glenn Greenwald via,

Critics of Silicon Valley censorship for years heard the same refrain: tech platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter are private corporations and can host or ban whoever they want. If you don’t like what they are doing, the solution is not to complain or to regulate them. Instead, go create your own social media platform that operates the way you think it should.

Users of the social media platform Parler encountered this error message as of Jan. 11, 2021, after Apple, Google and Amazon united to remove them from app stores and hosting services (Photo by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images).

The founders of Parler heard that suggestion and tried. In August, 2018, they created a social media platform similar to Twitter but which promised far greater privacy protections, including a refusal to aggregate user data in order to monetize them to advertisers or algorithmically evaluate their interests in order to promote content or products to them. They also promised far greater free speech rights, rejecting the increasingly repressive content policing of Silicon Valley giants.

Over the last year, Parler encountered immense success. Millions of people who objected to increasing repression of speech on the largest platforms or who had themselves been banned signed up for the new social media company.

As Silicon Valley censorship radically escalated over the past several months — banning pre-election reporting by The New York Post about the Biden family, denouncing and deleting multiple posts from the U.S. President and then terminating his access altogether, mass-removal of right-wing accounts — so many people migrated to Parler that it was catapulted to the number one spot on the list of most-downloaded apps on the Apple Play Store, the sole and exclusive means which iPhone users have to download apps. “Overall, the app was the 10th most downloaded social media app in 2020 with 8.1 million new installs,” reported TechCrunch.

It looked as if Parler had proven critics of Silicon Valley monopolistic power wrong. Their success showed that it was possible after all to create a new social media platform to compete with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And they did so by doing exactly what Silicon Valley defenders long insisted should be done: if you don’t like the rules imposed by tech giants, go create your own platform with different rules.


List of most-downloaded apps on Apple Store, Jan. 8, 2021

But today, if you want to download, sign up for, or use Parler, you will be unable to do so. That is because three Silicon Valley monopolies — Amazon, Google and Apple — abruptly united to remove Parler from the internet, exactly at the moment when it became the most-downloaded app in the country.

If one were looking for evidence to demonstrate that these tech behemoths are, in fact, monopolies that engage in anti-competitive behavior in violation of antitrust laws, and will obliterate any attempt to compete with them in the marketplace, it would be difficult to imagine anything more compelling than how they just used their unconstrained power to utterly destroy a rising competitor.

The united Silicon Valley attack began on January 8, when Apple emailed Parler and gave them 24 hours to prove they had changed their moderation practices or else face removal from their App Store. The letter claimed: “We have received numerous complaints regarding objectionable content in your Parler service, accusations that the Parler app was used to plan, coordinate, and facilitate the illegal activities in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021 that led (among other things) to loss of life, numerous injuries, and the destruction of property.” It ended with this warning:

To ensure there is no interruption of the availability of your app on the App Store, please submit an update and the requested moderation improvement plan within 24 hours of the date of this message. If we do not receive an update compliant with the App Store Review Guidelines and the requested moderation improvement plan in writing within 24 hours, your app will be removed from the App Store.

The 24-hour letter was an obvious pretext and purely performative. Removal was a fait accompli no matter what Parler did. To begin with, the letter was immediately leaked to Buzzfeed, which published it in full. A Parler executive detailed the company’s unsuccessful attempts to communicate with Apple. “They basically ghosted us,” he told me. The next day, Apple notified Parler of its removal from App Store. “We won’t distribute apps that present dangerous and harmful content,” said the world’s richest company, and thus: “We have now rejected your app for the App Store.”

It is hard to overstate the harm to a platform from being removed from the App Store. Users of iPhones are barred from downloading apps onto their devices from the internet. If an app is not on the App Store, it cannot be used on the iPhone. Even iPhone users who have already downloaded Parler will lose the ability to receive updates, which will shortly render the platform both unmanageable and unsafe.

In October, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law issued a 425-page report concluding that Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google all possess monopoly power and are using that power anti-competitively. For Apple, they emphasized the company’s control over iPhones through its control of access to the App Store. As Ars Technica put it when highlighting the report’s key findings:

Apple controls about 45 percent of the US smartphone market and 20 percent of the global smartphone market, the committee found, and is projected to sell its 2 billionth iPhone in 2021. It is correct that, in the smartphone handset market, Apple is not a monopoly. Instead, iOS and Android hold an effective duopoly in mobile operating systems.

However, the report concludes, Apple does have a monopolistic hold over what you can do with an iPhone. You can only put apps on your phone through the Apple App Store, and Apple has total gatekeeper control over that App Store—that’s what Epic is suing the company over. . . .

The committee found internal documents showing that company leadership, including former CEO Steve Jobs, “acknowledged that IAP requirement would stifle competition and limit the apps available to Apple’s customers.” The report concludes that Apple has also unfairly used its control over APIs, search rankings, and default apps to limit competitors’ access to iPhone users.

Shortly thereafter, Parler learned that Google, without warning, had also “suspended” it from its Play Store, severely limiting the ability of users to download Parler onto Android phones. Google’s actions also meant that those using Parler on their Android phones would no longer receive necessary functionality and security updates.

It was precisely Google’s abuse of its power to control its app device that was at issue “when the European Commission deemed Google LLC as the dominant undertaking in the app stores for the Android mobile operating system (i.e. Google Play Store) and hit the online search and advertisement giant with €4.34 billion for its anti-competitive practices to strengthen its position in various of other markets through its dominance in the app store market.”

The day after a united Apple and Google acted against Parler, Amazon delivered the fatal blow. The company founded and run by the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, used virtually identical language as Apple to inform Parler that its web hosting service (AWS) was terminating Parler’s ability to have AWS host its site: “Because Parler cannot comply with our terms of service and poses a very real risk to public safety, we plan to suspend Parler’s account effective Sunday, January 10th, at 11:59PM PST.” Because Amazon is such a dominant force in web hosting, Parler has thus far not found a hosting service for its platform, which is why it has disappeared not only from app stores and phones but also from the internet.

On Thursday, Parler was the most popular app in the United States. By Monday, three of the four Silicon Valley monopolies united to destroy it.

With virtual unanimity, leading U.S. liberals celebrated this use of Silicon Valley monopoly power to shut down Parler, just as they overwhelmingly cheered the prior two extraordinary assertions of tech power to control U.S. political discourse: censorship of The New York Post’s reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the banning of the U.S. President from major platforms. Indeed, one would be hard-pressed to find a single national liberal-left politician even expressing concerns about any of this, let alone opposing it.

Not only did leading left-wing politicians not object but some of them were the ones who pleaded with Silicon Valley to use their power this way. After the internet-policing site Sleeping Giants flagged several Parler posts that called for violence, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked: “What are @Apple and @GooglePlay doing about this?” Once Apple responded by removing Parler from its App Store — a move that House Democrats just three months earlier warned was dangerous anti-trust behavior — she praised Apple and then demanded to know: “Good to see this development from @Apple. @GooglePlay what are you going to do about apps being used to organize violence on your platform?”

The liberal New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg pronounced herself “disturbed by just how awesome [tech giants’] power is” and added that “it’s dangerous to have a handful of callow young tech titans in charge of who has a megaphone and who does not.” She nonetheless praised these “young tech titans” for using their “dangerous” power to ban Trump and destroy Parler. In other words, liberals like Goldberg are concerned only that Silicon Valley censorship powers might one day be used against people like them, but are perfectly happy as long as it is their adversaries being deplatformed and silenced (Facebook and other platforms have for years banned marginalized people like Palestinians at Israel’s behest, but that is of no concern to U.S. liberals).

That is because the dominant strain of American liberalism is not economic socialism but political authoritarianism. Liberals now want to use the force of corporate power to silence those with different ideologies. They are eager for tech monopolies not just to ban accounts they dislike but to remove entire platforms from the internet. They want to imprison people they believe helped their party lose elections, such as Julian Assange, even if it means creating precedents to criminalize journalism.

World leaders have vocally condemned the power Silicon Valley has amassed to police political discourse, and were particularly indignant over the banning of the U.S. President. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, various French ministers, and especially Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador all denounced the banning of Trump and other acts of censorship by tech monopolies on the ground that they were anointing themselves “a world media power.” The warnings from López Obrador were particularly eloquent:

Even the ACLU — which has rapidly transformed from a civil liberties organization into a liberal activist group since Trump’s election — found the assertion of Silicon Valley’s power to destroy Parler deeply alarming. One of that organization’s most stalwart defenders of civil liberties, lawyer Ben Wizner, told The New York Times that the destruction of Parler was more “troubling” than the deletion of posts or whole accounts: “I think we should recognize the importance of neutrality when we’re talking about the infrastructure of the internet.”

Yet American liberals swoon for this authoritarianism. And they are now calling for the use of the most repressive War on Terror measures against their domestic opponents. On Tuesday, House Homeland Security Chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS) urged that GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley “be put on the no-fly list,” while The Wall Street Journal reported that “Biden has said he plans to make a priority of passing a law against domestic terrorism, and he has been urged to create a White House post overseeing the fight against ideologically inspired violent extremists and increasing funding to combat them.”

So much of this liberal support for the attempted destruction of Parler is based in utter ignorance about that platform, and about basic principles of free speech. I’d be very surprised if more than a tiny fraction of liberals cheering Parler’s removal from the internet have ever used the platform or know anything about it other than the snippets they have been shown by those seeking to justify its destruction and to depict it as some neo-Nazi stronghold.

Parler was not founded, nor is it run, by pro-Trump, MAGA supporters. The platform was created based in libertarian values of privacy, anti-surveillance, anti-data collection, and free speech. Most of the key executives are more associated with the politics of Ron Paul and the CATO Institute than Steve Bannon or the Trump family. One is a Never Trump Republican, while another is the former campaign manager of Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Among the few MAGA-affiliated figures is Dan Bongino, an investor. One of the key original investors was Rebekah Mercer.

The platform’s design is intended to foster privacy and free speech, not a particular ideology. They minimize the amount of data they collect on users to prevent advertiser monetization or algorithmic targeting. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, they do not assess a user’s preferences in order to decide what they should see. And they were principally borne out of a reaction to increasingly restrictive rules on the major Silicon Valley platforms regarding what could and could not be said.

Of course large numbers of Trump supporters ended up on Parler. That’s not because Parler is a pro-Trump outlet, but because those are among the people who were censored by the tech monopolies or who were angered enough by that censorship to seek refuge elsewhere.

It is true that one can find postings on Parler that explicitly advocate violence or are otherwise grotesque. But that is even more true of Facebook, Google-owned YouTube, and Twitter. And contrary to what many have been led to believe, Parler’s Terms of Service includes a ban on explicit advocacy of violence, and they employ a team of paid, trained moderators who delete such postings. Those deletions do not happen perfectly or instantaneously — which is why one can find postings that violate those rules — but the same is true of every major Silicon Valley platform.

Indeed, a Parler executive told me that of the thirteen people arrested as of Monday for the breach at the Capitol, none appear to be active users of Parler. The Capitol breach was planned far more on Facebook and YouTube. As Recode reported, while some protesters participated in both Parler and Gab, many of the calls to attend the Capitol were from YouTube videos, while many of the key planners “have continued to use mainstream platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.” The article quoted Fadi Quran, campaign director at the human rights group Avaaz, as saying: “In DC, we saw QAnon conspiracists and other militias that would never have grown to this size without being turbo-charged by Facebook and Twitter.”

And that’s to say nothing of the endless number of hypocrisies with Silicon Valley giants feigning opposition to violent rhetoric or political extremism. Amazon, for instance, is one of the CIA’s most profitable partners, with a $600 million contract to provide services to the agency, and it is constantly bidding for more. On Facebook and Twitter, one finds official accounts from the most repressive and violent regimes on earth, including Saudi Arabia, and pages devoted to propaganda on behalf of the Egyptian regime. Does anyone think these tech giants have a genuine concern about violence and extremism?

Official Facebook page of the Saudi Justice Ministry

So why did Democratic politicians and journalists focus on Parler rather than Facebook and YouTube? Why did Amazon, Google and Apple make a flamboyant showing of removing Parler from the internet while leaving much larger platforms with far more extremism and advocacy of violence flowing on a daily basis?

In part it is because these Silicon Valley giants — Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple — donate enormous sums of money to the Democratic Party and their leaders, so of course Democrats will cheer them rather than call for punishment or their removal from the internet. Part of it is because Parler is an upstart, a much easier target to try to destroy than Facebook or Google. And in part it is because the Democrats are about to control the Executive Branch and both houses of Congress, leaving Silicon Valley giants eager to please them by silencing their adversaries. This corrupt motive was made expressly clear by long-time Clinton operative Jennifer Palmieri:

The nature of monopolistic power is that anti-competitive entities engage in anti-trust illegalities to destroy rising competitors. Parler is associated with the wrong political ideology. It is a small and new enough platform such that it can be made an example of. Its head can be placed on a pike to make clear that no attempt to compete with existing Silicon Valley monopolies is possible. And its destruction preserves the unchallengeable power of a tiny handful of tech oligarchs over the political discourse not just of the United States but democracies worldwide (which is why Germany, France and Mexico are raising their voices in protest).

No authoritarians believe they are authoritarians. No matter how repressive are the measures they support — censorship, monopoly power, no-fly lists for American citizens without due process — they tell themselves that those they are silencing and attacking are so evil, are terrorists, that anything done against them is noble and benevolent, not despotic and repressive. That is how American liberals currently think, as they fortify the control of Silicon Valley monopolies over our political lives, exemplified by the overnight destruction of a new and popular competitor.

***Void Update***

Parler CEO John Matze says, there is now a high probability that Parler will never return.

The Tech giants have literally murdered the best social media platform the net.

RIP Parler, you were the best.

Source: Greenwald: How Silicon Valley, In A Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler | ZeroHedge


Deutsche Bank Closes Trump’s Account Over Capitol Unrest | ZeroHedge

The NWO Cabal intend to Destroy President Trump for thwarting their plans for Population Control.

World is in the grip of evil | The_Void


Whatever disappointment President Trump is feeling about being barred from his Twitter and Facebook accounts, he’s probably more upset about this: Deutsche Bank, one of the Trump Organisations biggest lenders from the past 20 years, says it will no longer do business with the Trump family, according to the NYT.

Another bank, Signature Bank, where Trump has checking, savings and money-market accounts, said that it would close accounts belonging to Trump worth some $5.3MM.

What’s more, Signature Bank, where Ivanka Trump once sat on the board, is officially calling on Trump to resign, saying that while it hopes to soon go back to assiduously avoiding politics, the president had put Signature in an uncomfortable position.

“We believe the appropriate action would be the resignation of the president of the United States, which is in the best interests of our nation and the American people,” the bank said in a separate statement on Monday.

For years, Signature has served Trump and others in his orbit, including Ivanka, Jared Kushner and even Michael Cohen. It even helped finance the construction of Trump’s Florida golf course. But the bank added that not only would it stop banking with Trump, it would also bar any lawmakers who backed the election challenge from banking there as well.

The head of Deutsche Bank US also released a statement calling Wednesday’s Capitol riot a “dark day” for American democracy.

“Yesterday was a dark day for America and our democracy,” Deutsche Bank Americas head Christiana Riley posted on LinkedIn. “We are proud of our Constitution and stand by those who seek to uphold it to ensure that the will of the people is upheld and a peaceful transition of power takes place.”

As the NYT reported shortly before the election, Trump still owes about $300MM in a series of personally guaranteed loans to DB that come due in 2023 and 2024. That doesn’t give him a ton of time to work out new deals, but his son Eric Trump has insisted that some deals involving foreign partners are in the works. Rosemary Vrablic, the DB banker who managed the relationship with the Trumps, left DB shortly after the election

A lot could change in that time. For all we know, DB could change its mind and offer Trump an opportunity to roll over the remaining balance that he can’t afford to pay back (the bank has already lent Trump money against its better judgment once).

DB faced pressure from lawmakers throughout Trump’s term in office after it was revealed that the bank was the Trump Organisation’s primary lender since the late 1990s. Now, according to the NYT, the bank has determined that, short of forgiving Trump’s massive debt, the bank has few options for extricating itself from its business ties to Trump.

All of this practically ensures that Trump will need to look abroad for financing if he wants to roll over the DB loans. When that happens, we imagine Democrats will be waiting to pounce and accuse him of trading American secrets for financial favours.


Source: Deutsche, Signature Bank Abandon Trump Over Capitol Unrest | ZeroHedge


The Night Of The Long Knives | Opinion

The Fascists Take Control of all Neurological Pathways.

They own what you think | The_Void


The President must not be allowed to speak to the people. A similar thing happened during the French Revolution to Maximilien Robespierre, back then they shot him in the mouth. It is perceivable that this bloody period in western history could repeat itself in the present day.

Never have we felt more pessimistic about the future than we do today. The set-up and vilification of the greatest President in living memory has been nothing short of evil. It’s almost as though Satan has won and now controls the world.


Ben Garrison |



Twitter silences the sitting President of The United States of America

These big tech Oligarchs understand how social media has become essential for many aspects of daily life and it’s that crucial element they’ll exploit to moderate and control us.

The Chinese social credit system has given these elites so many ideas and insights into how easy it is to remove peoples hope and destroy resistance. Banking will be the next the stop for these power mad castigators, after that we’ll all have the same rights as lab rats.


Statement by Parler CEO, John Matze


I know many people are still hanging on to the hope of a last minute reprieve from the madness, but we have to recognise the peril and organise. We have to find alternative ways to communicate, because I can’t see the likes of Parler lasting much longer now that they’re firmly in the sights of the globalist tech tyranny. These are crucial days for the survival of freedom loving people. We have to stay in touch.


“Globalist Coup underway.”




Dystopian Future

I wonder if Orwell ever really believed that ‘thought crime’ could happen in western democratic societies?

His dystopian vision has turned into the template of terror being waged on all conservative thinkers and non conformists. Philip K Dick got even closer with his visions of our dystopian future. Fahrenheit 451 by American writer Ray Bradbury nailed it.


  • Wealth has become power not democracy.

  • A few people own the world.

  • This destruction was planned

Many literary greats have painted nightmarish visions of the future.

None of them thought they would come true. Almost all thought human progression was inexorable and unstoppable. How wrong they were. Our demise has been simple; Turn us all against each other and control the survivors. The untouchables can never be got at. Fuckerberg and Bezos both employ private armies full highly trained special forces. They live in impenetrable facilities. Often on islands, always behind the highest security it’s possible to achieve. ‘The secret rulers of the world.’


“Big Tech has crossed the Rubicon.”


People are silenced when power fears what they say. It has been the same with tyrannies throughout history, If they can control what you say then they can control what you think. They can make you believe a man with a beard is a child. A woman is a man. Good people are evil. Corrupt people have your best interests at heart. That the greedy are philanthropists. It’s a simulation. A false paradigm. A conjuring trick. And it works all too often. Zuckerberg and Dorsey are not good people who care about humanity, they’re super rich elites who have no other compunction than to save everything for themselves.

Who is Next?

It seems we are entering another dark period in human history.

As we write we no longer know how long our newsfeed will be available – surely its only a matter of time until they come for us like they’re coming for everyone else. We sometimes wonder if they’ll come for us personally. We wonder if they’ll come for our families. All we know is that we will go down still defying these horrendous fascists.

The speed with which people are being disappeared and silenced is breathtaking.

This kind of super-fast response only comes after months of planning. It is our belief that we are at the precipice. Looking down into the void. Teetering on the edge of the abyss.

Big Tech sold us a product that was free, but nothing in this life is free. We forgot the age old lesson. Never accept the devils coin.




Twitter Safety: “We have required the removal of three @realDonaldTrump Tweets that were posted earlier today.”


Source: Twitter Safety on Twitter


Norwegian Nursing Home Patients Dead After Receiving First Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine | ZeroHedge

Operation Population Control is underway | The Void


More suspicious deaths have surfaced in Europe involving patients who recently received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Following reports about a Portuguese nurse dying shortly after receiving her first dose of the vaccine, our attention turns to Norway, where two nursing home residents have passed away under similar circumstances.

According to RT, the departed were among the first in the country to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Medical authorities said they will investigate the circumstances of these deaths to try and figure out if the vaccines had anything to do with it. Norway’s National Institute of Public Health will be leading the charge.

“We have to assess whether the vaccine is the cause of death, or if it is a coincidence that it happened soon after vaccination,” Medical Director Steiner Madsen said in a statement to the press.

To be sure, due to the advanced age of the residents, it’s possible their deaths were unrelated to the vaccine.

Around 400 people die every week in Norwegian nursing homes (on a tangential note, we can’t help but wonder how many deaths in these facilities have been mislabeled as “COVID-19 deaths”).

But a smattering reports about adverse reactions and potentially related deaths have raised eyebrows around the world. In Israel, 100s of people were infected with the virus after receiving their first dose of the vaccine.

As we reported the other day, the rate of “adverse” reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine might already be as much as 50x higher than the flu vaccine.

Vaccinations with the drug began in Norway on Dec. 27. Scientists in the US and elsewhere have criticised European leaders for the slow rollout of vaccinations (with France coming in for particularly intense criticism). The pace is set to quicken, however, now that the EMA has approved Moderna’s mRNA vaccine for emergency use in the EU on Wednesday.


Source: Norwegian Nursing Home Patients Dead After Receiving First Dose Of Pfizer COVID Vaccine | ZeroHedge

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