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“When you analyse what’s happening with Covid it’s a SCAM” | UK Column

UK Column News – 11th January 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s UK Column News.


00:54 – Rewarding The UK Stasi State

03:31 – Fancy A SMART COVID 19 Vaccine “Barr Code” Tattoos Anybody?


Swansea University Statement: – https://bit.ly/3nyIG3Z


06:26 – Compulsory Vaccination By The Corporate Backdoor


Eden Recruitment Add (Job Add “expired” No archive) Social Media Share: – https://bit.ly/2XwZ7TG


08:36 – COVID “cases”?


LFD National Testing Statement: – https://bit.ly/3i3FSut


11:17 – Dormant Assets Belong To The State So There!


Dormant Assets Statement: – https://bit.ly/38yFst3


14:37 – Time To Pretend You Have COVID 19, Ignore The Statistics and Live in Fear!


Government Campaign: – https://twitter.com/DHSCgovuk/status/1347596430547050496

BBC Article: – https://archive.is/O4oLu

Emergency Mortuary Procurement: – https://bit.ly/3i3NehN

NHS Statement: – https://bit.ly/3oy9T88

NHS Data Paused Statement: – https://archive.is/JuvvA

BBC Reality Check: – https://bit.ly/2K7qiS8

Belfast HSC Shut’s Down Cancer Operations: – https://archive.is/fqOgw

Dr Chaand Nagpaul Statement: – https://bit.ly/3bv7OpU


30:00 – BBC Alarm At People Realising The Great Reset Exists.


BBC Great Reset Debunk Article: – https://bit.ly/2XsHKDJ

BBC Promotion Of The Great Reset in 2011: – https://bit.ly/3i4wYg9

BBC Promote The COVID 19 Opportunity To Reset The World: – https://bit.ly/35tHZmr

BBC Rethink Initiative: – https://bit.ly/2K3g2u0

Flora Carmichael Twitter: – https://twitter.com/FloraCarmichael

Flora Carmichael LinkedIn Profile: – https://uk.linkedin.com/in/flora-carmichael-86474119

Frontline Club: – https://twitter.com/FrontlineClub

Frontline’s International Partners: – https://www.frontlineclub.com/partners/

Wilton Park German British Forum: – https://bit.ly/3buFqEc


41:15 – Censorship in 2021 Get’s off To a Flyer on Twitter


Bloomberg Article: – https://bit.ly/39qbxlS

Twitter Statement: – https://bit.ly/2Le5ngU

Business Insider Article: – https://bit.ly/3nB1r6I

Axios Article: – https://bit.ly/38yYI9R

John Matze Statement: – https://twitter.com/RMac18/status/1348538702037803011

Gab Statement: – https://twitter.com/getongab/status/1348140708285222913

BBC Article: – https://bit.ly/39mV1mH

House of Lords Library Briefing: – https://bit.ly/3sesA2R

SocialMedia HQ Article: – https://bit.ly/3q7etKY

FR Article: – https://bit.ly/3ieV6x3

NAOC Article: – https://bit.ly/3nvfACF


51:52 – The Observations Of Joseph P. Farrell

55:14 – March for Freedom in Scotland And Lockdown Crack Downs By The Police State


Mail Article 1: – https://bit.ly/35vTolB

Mail Article 2: – https://bit.ly/35xBTBl

UK Column Article: – https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/lockdown-police-constables-perspective

Eva Bartlet Tweet: – https://twitter.com/EvaKBartlett/status/1348201652701036545

BBC Article: – https://bbc.in/2K5Craf

Daily Echo Article: – https://bit.ly/2Lm1F4I


01:06:00 – Update On Aberdeen Incident


Friday UK Column (Go to 36:35): – https://www.ukcolumn.org/ukcolumn-news/uk-column-news-8th-january-2021

Mail article: – https://bit.ly/2XIN06p

STV Article: – https://bit.ly/3nzjKJF


01:11:00 – Creating Fake BBC Reality


Byline News Article: – https://bit.ly/38DPEk9

Haaretz Article: – https://bit.ly/3qbmsa4


Source: UK Column News – 11th January 2021 | UK Column


The_Void on Twitter: “It doesn’t take a genius to work out where we go from here.”

Source: The_Void on Twitter


So it Begins… Concentration Camps For Trump Voters | Sara Carter

So it begins… The Fascists call for children to be taken away from Trump supporters.

Concentration Camps and Reeducation. If that fails, death | The_Void


PBS Top Lawyer Says Gov Should Build ‘Enlightenment Camps’ And Remove Children From Trump Supporting Homes

Authored by Sara A. Carter via saraacarter.com

This is what the leftists, along with those that support their agenda, think about Americans. It’s in their own words. Believe them when they say it.

Americans are so fucking dumb,” said PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller, who was chatting with one of Project Veritas‘ undercover self-described guerilla journalists. “You know most people are dumb.”

Beller is just saying what I would hear over and over again in Washington D.C. parties and pubs. He’s not the exception and his disdain for our nation makes my stomach turn because he, and others like him, are seizing power from the people every day. They hold positions of power that actually can affect our daily lives and that of our children.

And to think PBS if funded with our taxpayer dollars.

Kids who are growing up, know nothing but Trump, for four years, you’ve got to wonder what they’re (Trump supporting children) going to be like, ” Beller told the undercover journalist. “They’ll (Trump supporters) be raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people – horrible kids.

Beller suggests removing the children from parents who supported Trump and then sending them to enlightenment camps.


This idea is similar to what is actually happening in China, as the Chinese Communist Party has been terrorizing and removing the Uighur Muslim population to supposed “re-education” camps.

Beller needs to be fired by PBS. My daughter watches PBS and she won’t be anymore. This is absolutely intolerable.

Oh, Beller also said that if “even if Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters, Homeland Security will take their children away…”

Folks, welcome to America’s worst nightmare.


Source: PBS Top Lawyer Says Gov Should Build ‘Enlightenment Camps’ And Remove Children From Trump Supporting Homes | ZeroHedge


The Epitome of Tyranny Is Violently Separating A Mother From Her Child | Avi Yemini

Excellent work by Avi and Rebel Media in breaking this very important story.

Another perfect example of how easily we slide into fascism |The_Void

 | January 10, 2021

It was perfectly legal during Sydney’s first lockdown. But because Renee was carrying a sign objecting to the restrictions, she was swarmed by police.

She was doing nothing wrong. She wasn’t at a demonstration. She wasn’t at a rally.

She was literally just out for some exercise with her child.

And then police ripped her child out of her arms, and smashed her into the back of a police van.

Listening to her son scream and cry will haunt you:


Again and again, the terrified four-year-old cried and screamed as police ripped him away from his mum, who tried her best to hold on to him.

It may be the most enraging, heartbreaking, barbaric thing you will ever see.

But you have to watch and share it because everyone has to know what is going on in these lockdowns.

I have made hundreds of videos in my career. But none of them is as emotionally devastating as this. It was difficult for me even to make this video — the stress and the sorrow were overwhelming. I can’t even imagine what it was like for Renee and her son to live through it.

And — to add insult to injury — Sydney police actually had the audacity to give her a $1,000 fine.

Not if I have anything to say about it. We’re not going to pay Renee’s fine. We’re going to fight the fine.

I’ve asked our outstanding lawyer, Mani Shishineh, to go to court for Renee and her family and fight it all the way. Mani is fresh off a win for another Australian, Victor Tey, charged on the same day. He won that case. I am confident he’ll win this one too.

It’s the least we can do for this mother and her little boy.

If you are as enraged as I am, please turn your feelings into constructive action — please help us cover Mani’s legal fees, as we go to court for this young family.

Not just for them. But to tell the government that what they did was horrifically wrong. We need a judge to say to them that, or they’ll just keep doing it.

Please click here and give what you can.

I fear that Renee and her boy will carry the scars of that day for a long, long time. But perhaps, in this one small way, we can help make things better for them.


Source: This is the most HEARTBREAKING lockdown enforcement video so far


A Year Ago None Of Us Realised The Tyranny That Lay Ahead | Opinion

A Year Ago This Story Broke in the WSJ…


“New Virus Discovered by Chinese Scientists Investigating Pneumonia Outbreak.”


365 days later and so many people are broke, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially | The_Void

A year ago the Wall Street Journal broke a story about a virus that has now broken the world. Posted here for reference:


New Virus Discovered by Chinese Scientists Investigating Pneumonia Outbreak

Latest tally of people sickened in Wuhan is 59, with seven in critical condition

Public-health officials in Bangkok hand out disease-monitoring information after performing thermal scans on passengers arriving from Wuhan, China, on Wednesday. PHOTO: LAUREN DECICCA/GETTY IMAGES

By Natasha Khan | Updated Jan. 8, 2020 8:30 pm ET

HONG KONG – Chinese scientists investigating a mystery illness that has sickened dozens in central China have discovered a new strain of coronavirus, a development that will test the country’s upgraded capabilities for dealing with unfamiliar infectious diseases.

The novel coronavirus was genetically sequenced from a sample from one patient and subsequently found in some of the others affected in the city of Wuhan, people familiar with the findings said. Chinese authorities haven’t concluded that the strain is the underlying cause of sickness in all the patients who have been isolated in Wuhan since the infection first broke out in early December, the people said.

Chinese state media reported Thursday that the unidentified pneumonia “is believed to be a new type of coronavirus,” citing experts. State media reported that the results were preliminary and more research was needed to understand the virus.

There are many known coronaviruses—some can cause ailments like common colds in humans, while others don’t affect humans at all. Some—such as severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS-coronavirus, identified in 2003—have led to deadly outbreaks, lending urgency to efforts to contain the current situation.

The number of reported cases of viral pneumonia in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, was 59 on Sunday, rising from 27 on Dec. 31, according to Wuhan’s Municipal Health Commission, with seven people in critical condition. No deaths have been reported.”

Source: New Virus Discovered by Chinese Scientists Investigating Pneumonia Outbreak – WSJ


WHO (forgive the pun) could have known what lay ahead when the Wuhan Flu story first broke.

First of all it’s no longer called Wuhan Flu (Woke warriors  funded by the Chinese communists saw to that) and secondly no one really knows if it’s a hoax or a means to another end.

Nothing about this story has ever had any clarity, from the videos – obvious to us now, pumped out by the Chinese communists – of people shaking and collapsing in the streets of Wuhan, to the empty hospitals now being shown in 2021.

A year on and nothing has gotten any better, the curve hasn’t been flattened, the virus is on its fifth or sixth mutation, the so-called pandemic is still unseen and the fascists in control, especially the cops, are out of control.

This year is only just beginning and it already seems like we’ve lost everything.

Auspices are not good. The gut feeling is that tyranny lays ahead.

The corrupt news media will lie to you, call you the fascist and then denigrate everything you ever stood for if you transgress. Some cops and NHS staff will know the real story, but fear will stop most of them speaking out and the rest will go along. Just following orders.

This is the game that all maniacal governments play when they’re winning. Fortunately defeat is always only a few brave souls away.


Image: JB Handley Blog


The Most Appalling Thing to Come Out of The UK’s Covid Madness Yet | Contains Distressing Scenes

Scottish police go ‘Full Metal Jacket’ on family over suspected ‘support bubble breach.’

Stormtrooper Cops break into family home and beat up mother in front of her children after being suspected of having a friend round for tea | The_Void

In scenes reminiscent of a seventies cold war movie, steroid throbbing goons barged their way through the door of a family home before threatening and dragging a helpless woman to the ground and beating her up in front of her traumatised children.


“We have reviewed a lot of poor and unlawful policing during the pandemic. This may be the most heinous and senseless example yet.”

Big Brother Watch


It’s hard to talk about this horror, so..

Here are the videos posted by Big Brother Watch.
We advise you to have calming measures in place before watching.

First Video

Second Video



Source: Big Brother Watch on Twitter


West Midlands Police: “#WATCH | This is the moment our officers broke up an illegal ‘lock in’”

Source: West Midlands Police on Twitter


Anti-Lockdown Protests All Across Europe | OffGuardian

Increasingly draconian lockdown measures, economic destitution, and sweeping police powers are evaporating public trust and eroding public patience.

As the alleged “second wave” of the Coronavirus “pandemic” is reported to be sweeping across Europe in recent weeks, many governments have enthusiastically embraced their totalitarian side and granted themselves sweeping new “emergency powers” alongside new lockdown measures.

The public has been markedly less co-operative this time around. Rebelling against the seemingly arbitrary limitations which are not supported by either science or common sense. Protests have taken place all across the continent.


Thousands of people gathered in Berlin over the last few days, protesting the Merkel government passing a new lockdown law. Police turned water cannons on the crowds, and nearly 200 people were arrested.


The mainstream reported “hundreds” of protesters, but as pictures plainly show it was more like tens of thousands:


After the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez declared a sixth-month state of emergency in late October, there were days of protests across the country.

Barcelona, already a hot-bed of anti-government feeling due to the brutal repression of the Catalan Independence referendum, saw violent confrontations between riot police and protestors


Emmanuel Macron’s brand new “comprehensive security law”, known by protesters as the “gag law”, would further militarise French police whilst making it a crime to capture or distribute the image of a police officer. It has met fervent resistance in the shape of angry marches through cities across the country.

Macron’s government has a history of attacking civil liberties, and in response to his “reforms” the country has seen large-scale protests by the Gilets Jaunes for over a year.


The anti-lockdown protests in Italy reached a fever pitch in late October, and were probably the most extensive on the continent. Marches occurred in dozens of cities across the country, including Rome, Naples, Genoa and Bologna.

The mainstream media went out fo their way to undercut and smear the protests. CNN and Reuters reported only “hundreds” of protesters. Does this photo have “hundreds” of people in it?

Politico went so far as to actually blame the protests on the Mafia.


Bratislava was home to a huge march of protesters on November 17th, marking the national holiday known as Fight for Freedom Day. These marches were illegal under the Slovakian emergency law, notionally designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


The Danish parliament was subject to 9 days of protests right outside its doors, in opposition to the proposed “vaccination law”, which would allow the police to “physically coerce vaccination through detainment”.

After nine days of protests, it was reported on social media that the Danish gov’t had dropped the law. However, I could find no official confirmation of that, or reports in the media.


In fact, the media have barely covered the proposed law, and literally not mentioned the protests in Copenhagen at all. A search for “Covid protests Denmark” on google, turns up almost no results relating to that topic.

The reason to cover the Danish protest less than the others is that they apparently worked. and the last thing the establishment wants people to see is that civil disobedience can change anything.


It’s good to see the general public’s fraying sense of patience with a Covid narrative that has never made any sense, and a “pandemic response” which is likely to do far more damage than it ever could prevent.

Though civil unrest is undeniably a good and powerful thing, this is also a time to be wary. If the establishment feel they are losing control of the situation or the narrative, they are likely to double down or try something desperate.

If you’re aware of other countries experiencing civil unrest due to “anti-covid” measures, please let us know and we will add them to the list.

Source: Anti-Lockdown Protests All Across Europe – OffGuardian



Armed German Police Raid Lockdown Critic Dr. Noack’s House During A Live Stream

Dr. Andreas Noack’s home was raided by armed German police for his his “anti-lockdown” activity; he was subsequently arrested for his “covid crimes.”

News article on the arrest: https://insiderpaper.com/german-docto…

Source: Armed German Police Raid Lockdown Critic Dr. Noack’s House During A Live Stream

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