I Think My Husband’s A Eugenicist Who Wants To Murder Five Billion People | Gossip

"He's lost it! He's gone completely mad. He even vaxxed the cat!"

Fake News At Ten | Alistair Williams

Coronavirus coronavirus coronavirus coronavirus coronavirus coronavirus coronavirus coronavirus coronavirus.

“Snow is not an excuse for any of you being outside having fun” | Andrew Lawrence

Snow is not an excuse for any of you being outside having fun.

BREAKING: We’re all dead! Everyone’s dead! This is the news | Alistair Williams

Comedian, Alistair Williams, lays out the Coronavirus craziness in his own inimitable style. Enjoy the Madness.

My Apology To Facebook | JP Sears

JPs apology video to Facebook after they threatened to ban him for violating their community guidelines.

No more Venusian Getaways Say World Economic Forum | Gossip

Venus devastated by Man Made Climate Change

The Vaccine Could Make You A Moron | Gossip

It may be too late for some...

Boris Johnson’s Balls Found On Wimbledon Common | Gossip

Hand them back to Carrie in a carrier bag.

Mutual Maskerbation | WhatsHerFace

They say history repeats itself, but who would’ve thought history would be repeating so soon?

Boris Johnson and JVT reveal their intense emotions at vaccine green light | Daily Mail Online

Boris Johnson and the deputy chief medical officer Jonathan…

The Spoof Klaus Schwab Twitter Account Is Brilliant Deconstruction of Our Self-Imagined Patrician Class | Anti-Empire

Sadly this account has been terminated by the fascists @ Twitler, but happily a good laugh can still be had as we've got all the posts saved here for you.