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Naomi Wolf at the International Covid Investigative Committee with Reiner Fuellmich

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What you are seeing and reading on the alleged situation regarding Covid-19 in India is nothing more than propaganda and lies.

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INDIA: Just the data and some scientific inferences - period.

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Harry And Meghan Do Cringe TV Better Than Ricky Gervais

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On December 18, 2017, The Guardian issued a shoddily-penned hatchet piece against British journalist Vanessa Beeley, Patrick Henningsen and his independent website 21st Century Wire

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More people died in 2020 than during an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show

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Governments fear him. The media try to discredit him. The Think…

China is ‘greatest threat’ facing UK and is trying to exploit pandemic, spy chief warns

China and Biden are the Greatest Threat to the Western World…

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Remember Children of Men? The_Void A new study has revealed…

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The UK is Riddled With Chinese Communist Spies - MI5 and MI6…

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Shortly after John Ratcliffe, the director of national…

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Heartwarming story brings festive fun to Christmas - The Void A…

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