Old Holborn® on Twitter: “GET BACK IN YOUR HOUSE, GRANDAD”


The_Void on Twitter: “It doesn’t take a genius to work out where we go from here.”

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Liz Wheeler on Instagram: “Here’s why the Democrats are trying to erase gender.”

Source: Liz Wheeler on Instagram: “Here’s why the Democrats are trying to erase gender.”


Candace Owens on Instagram: “CENSORED the sitting President of the United States.”

I have been warning everybody for months about what these Facebook “fact-checkers” represent, and I began pursuing them legally because I knew it would culminate into this extraordinary moment in American History: a sitting President of the United States has been censored.

None of us are safe.

Visit: WWW.FACTCHECKZUCK.COM to support our lawsuit!


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Brian Gerrish on Twitter: “Outstanding analysis UK’s (US) planned cultural revolution.”

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Twitter Safety: “We have required the removal of three @realDonaldTrump Tweets that were posted earlier today.”


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Jessica O’Donnell on Twitter: “she’s absolutely right”

All it takes is one brave person to say no and stand their ground.

Like tank man before her one courageous woman decided she’d had enough of the enslavement and was prepared to fight for her freedom. These type of inspirational events are just the thing to galvanise the public into saying ‘fuck this! I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”


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MADEbyJIMBOB (@madebyjimbob) • Instagram photos and videos

Source: MADEbyJIMBOB (@madebyjimbob) • Instagram photos and videos


Ben Norris on Twitter: “In case anyone’s confused about the new rules”

Pay very close attention.

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No more Venusian Getaways Say World Economic Forum | Henrietta Harriott

Today The World Economic Forum announced that the once plush holiday resort of Venus has been completely devastated by Man Made Climate Change.

The public were told to forget about luxurious pleasure cruises through the sulphuric gas clouds of the Venusian landscape. No more sailing on a sea of acid said one senior killjoy. It’s over!

Holiday companies were up in arms at the proposal especially coming during the downturn of the China Plague hoax. How are we supposed to make a living? said a spokesperson for Interplanetary Cruises.

No government minister was available for comment.

Source: World Economic Forum on Twitter

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