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I’ve been throwing stones at your glass house
I called your name and watched you turn around
There’s a warm breeze and there are dark clouds
You fall on me and I watched you take me down

One of these special moments
Where the things you least expect
Come crashing through your torment
Like a vandal in your head

When the only thing is time
When the only place is paradise
You know that love is blind
We’ll laugh all through the night
We’ll laugh until the sunrise

You answer the phone, why don’t you talk aloud?
I’m slaying ghosts, why don’t you make a sound?
When touching my soul reach in and pull me out
What’s gone before is what’s all around

You must know I want to be with you
Let’s see how these things work out
You must know this is something new
Let’s put aside these fears and doubts

I won’t be your hash tag, I won’t be your hurt
I won’t be a lesson, a lesson you’ve learned
You’re almost free when the sun comes out
Dancing in your glass house


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