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I don’t know where I’ve been, I’ve woken up with you.
I don’t know what it means, or what I’m gonna do.
I think I may have seen two worlds collide into…
Your inner most dreams, an absolute taboo.

There are so many ways that we fall down.
So many different things we’ll never see.
There were so many miles between us now.
So many instant things we’re meant to be.

I’ll be searching for you until the end of time.
I’ll been searching for you at the finish line.
I’ve been searching for you on every street.
I’ll be searching…
Until you’re here with me…

The light that never fades.

You take this to extremes the last one left was you.
The river runs upstream the truth that is untrue.
I think it may have been you girl riding through.
the final battle scene is a crimson red tattoo.

Glossy magazines, unsolved crimes,
Another cup of tea, parallel lines.
Another plane missing in the northern skies…
The long slow fade into black and white.
The cold dark breeze in the summer sun.
Another twisted story and it’s number one,
Horrors unseen, a love unsung,
Another long journey that you’ve never done.


The Light That Never Fades
+ The Light That Never Fades //REDUX//

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