Georgia Guidestones: Population Reduction and Illuminati Rosicrucians | Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture

Isaac Weishaupt discusses the Georgia Guidestones and the film 'Dark Clouds Over Elberton'

KILL ORDER: We Need to Talk About Kate | Investigation

The controversy surrounding the edited photo of Kate Middleton and her children released by Kensington Palace has raised questions about the royal family's use of edited images and the whereabouts of the princess.

JonBenét Ramsey Case: How to Create a Mind-Controlled Population | True Crime Design

The JonBenét Ramsey case is a high-profile unsolved murder case of a six-year-old beauty queen who was found dead in her family's home in Boulder, Colorado, 1996. Why is it important?

Inside The Freemasons’ Oldest Grand Lodge | Business Insider

How is it that Freemasonry can operate so openly and yet keep its secrets so well hidden?

Humanity Celebrates: The Georgia Guidestones Are No More | Special Report

Who could possibly have wanted to to see a monument promoting human depopulation and eugenics destroyed?

Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones

After a five year investigation, this powerful documentary presents groundbreaking information, and dares to solve the mystery of who R.C. Christian really was.

Black Sun Spheroid Theory – Freemason Reveal

An illustrated theory of the Black Sun and the geometrical machinations of the grand chessboard.

Antarctica – Hidden Evidence

A very interesting exploration of the mystical Antarctica region and its notification in history.

Presumed Gulity: The JonBenét Ramsey Case | Porkins Policy Radio

Stephen and Joyce Singular discuss the updated version of their book, Presumed Guilty: An Investigation of the JonBenet Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography.

Back to the Future: The John Titor Time Traveller Story | Essential Guide

John Titor was an individual who claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2036 and posted on various internet forums between 2000 and 2001.

Ten Mysterious And Unexplained Events In Antarctica

From strange hominoid creatures and dinosaurs to green icebergs and pyramids. Ten intriguing mysteries from the south polar region.

Bigfoot And The Ancient Race of Giants | Robert Sepehr

Cryptozoology is a field that aims to prove the existence of mythical entities from folklore, usually rejected in mainstream Anthropology, but not totally ruled out either.

A Madness Shared by Two | Richard D. Hall

Two Sweedish twins who had been apprehended by police, suddenly seemed to run out into on coming traffic for no apparent reason.

Madness in the Fast Lane | BBC

In 2008, BBC cameras filmed two Swedish sisters throwing themselves into traffic on the M6.

The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy | The Vigilant Citizen

Isaac Kappy was an actor who appeared in several Hollywood productions. He accused several Hollywood personalities of pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse.

Was Jimmy Saville the Yorkshire Ripper’s Accomplice? | Thomas Sheridan

"Jimmy Saville, I believe, was an accomplice of Peter Suthcliffe who was eventually arrested and charged with the murders of 13 women."

The Death Of Paul McCartney – September 11, 1966 | Mike Williams – Sofia Smallstorm

A fascinating presentation of the PID (Paul is dead) conspiracy that has been underground in the music biz since 1969 when a radio DJ claimed Paul McCartney had died in a car crash.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident | Documentary

In the dead of winter, a group of students set out on a trek into the Ural Mountains. Their frozen bodies - with inexplicable injuries - were discovered in locations that compounded the puzzle of how they died.

Chariots Of The Gods

Excellent Documentary based on Erich Von Daniken's legendary book...

The Rohonc Codex | Truth or Lore

The Rohonc Codex is an illustrated manuscript book by an unknown author, with a text in an unknown language and writing system, that surfaced in Hungary in the early 19th century.

The 10 Missing Pages of the Codex Gigas | Truth or Lore

A mad king, a 30-year war, then a massive castle-demolishing fire – somehow the Devil's Bible, Codex Gigas, survived them all.

The 14 Books That The Vatican Removed From The Bible

The truth behind what happened to the 14 books that the Vatican removed from the Bible in 1694. Today, we take a look at why the Vatican removed these 14 books from the Bible. The Bible is composed of lots…

The Illuminati Card Game

Ever played cards with the devil?

The Mystery of The Isdal Woman

Exactly 50 years ago, a woman was found deceased in Isdalen, Bergen

The Secret of the Georgia Guidestones | Truthstream Media

The Georgia Guidestones popped up out of nowhere to launch a thousand conspiracy theories.

The Tragic Story of JonBenét Ramsey | Programmed to Kill

The JonBenét Ramsey case has captured the public's attention for decades, and the intrigue surrounding it shows no sign of waning.

The Devil’s Triangle

The pacific triangle is home to many mysterious disappearances... What is causing them?

The Voynich Manuscript | The Histocrat

The Voynich manuscript is an illustrated codex hand-written in an otherwise unknown writing system

Area 51 Caller | Art bell

Anyone who remembers this mental phone call to Art Bell on his Area 51 hotline has probably never forgotten it.

The Moberly-Jourdain Incident

Two Victorian ladies inadvertently go on an adventure through time and space...

The Bermuda Triangle

Mysterious happenings in the Atlantic ocean

The Georgia Guidestones | Bill Cooper

The Stones of Death: The Georgia Guidestones explained...

KILL JILL – The Jill Dando Assassination Explained | Richard D. Hall

Richard D. Hall turns his attention to the 1999 assassination of Jill Dando.

Henry Lincoln Speaks: Chronicle 1 | The Lost Treasure of Jerusalem

In 1968, Henry Lincoln stumbled across a book about the priest of a small village who supposedly discovered a great treasure.

The Mystery of Rennes le Chateau | Timewatch

The mystery of Rennes le Chateau and the lost treasure of Jerusalem.

The Templar’s Lost Treasure

A fascinating exploration of the legend of the knights templar.

Rosslyn Chapel

The Temple of Solomon, The Grail and The Garden of Eden

Stanley Kubrick – Part 2 | Bombs, Spaceships and Axes | Jay Weidner

Part Two of Jay Weidner's Biographical series on Director Stanley Kubrick.

Somerton Man | The body-on-the-beach murder mystery

What happened to the man found on a beach in Australia and who was he?

Cicada 3301 – An Internet Mystery | LEMMiNO

Are the CIA up to there old tricks again? Are these new tricks? Find out...

The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle

One of the great mysteries of all time... or is it?

Missing 411 | The Hunted

Hunters have been mysteriously disappearing from North American wild lands for decades...

Clinton Crime List

The crimes of the Clinton's are too numerous to count... enter into a world of sleaze, corruption and death.

MH370 | Special Investigation | Part one | 60 Minutes

What really happened to Malaysian airlines flight MH370?

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

What happened at The Dyatlov Pass... an enduring mystery.

The Great Silence | Lemmino

Wow !! What was that?! Why there is nothing coming from space... not a peep!

The John Titor Story

The fascinating story of John Titor, the internet time traveller.

MH370 | Special Investigation | Part two | 60 Minutes

The Plane that vanished. What really happened to MH370?

The Zapruder Film Mystery

The Lone Gunman is a conspiracy theory... will the truth ever be known?

The Vanishing of Flight 370

Someone knows... what happened to flight 370?

The Search For D B Cooper

Who was D.B Cooper and what happened to all that loot?

Dead Men’s Secrets

A fascinating reading of an alternative narrative of the accepted historical record.