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Their Plan Is Failing… Hold The Line | Man in America

Date 6 hours ago Our world is crumbling faster than we could ever have imagined, and demons are running rampant. Their Plan Is Failing… Hold The Line | Man in America We're losing...

UK Democracy Is Dead | UK Column

Date 6 hours ago
UK Column News - 18th October 2021

How To Spot Covid-19 Misinformation | Dr. Sam Bailey

Date 2 days ago
Dr. Sam Bailey explains the complicity of fake news and big pharma during all the nonsense surrounding Covid-19

They Live – We Die | John Thor

Date 1 week ago
Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses

Prof. Tim Noakes: We Will Win | Dr. Sam Bailey

Date 1 week ago
Prof Noakes chats about: Covid-19, academic mobbing and the corruption of the food and medical industries.

How BoJo Became Kim Jong-Sun | Opinion

Date 2 weeks ago
The transformation of Boris Johnson from lovable bumbling fool into a Blair like globalist puppet is almost complete.

COVIDLAND: The Lockdown | InfoWars

Date 2 weeks ago
A riveting documentary made by award-winning filmmaker Paul Wittenberger and narrated by Alex Jones that’s designed to break people out of their trance.

How I Avoided 10 Day ‘Mandatory’ Quarantine | Harry Thomas

Date 2 weeks ago
After lots of requests for more information, Harry has made a follow-up video with a step-by-step guide of his journey back from Brazil.