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US Hospitals Are Murder Factories | Mike Adams

Date 1 month ago
People are falsely “diagnosed” with covid via a fraudulent PCR test, then put on mis-calibrated, made-in-China ventilators that blow out their lungs and kill them.

Go Forth and Multiply | The Corbett Report

Date 2 months ago
Do you think the world is overpopulated? Are you worried that having a baby would contribute to climate change? Deep down, do you hate humanity?

The Pseudo Pandemic – Iain Davis | Sunday Wire

Date 2 months ago
UK-based journalist and author Iain Davis discusses his new book, Pseudo Pandemic:

Endgame Approaching | Sunday Wire

Date 2 months ago
"It’s an evil, evil agenda but they’re following it and they’re following it hard."

The Obama Variant | Tucker Carlson

Date 2 months ago
Owens: "Civil disobedience is attending your daughter's wedding."

There Is No Global Pandemic | UK Column

Date 2 months ago
If there is a super virus, they wouldn’t need to fake all of the PCR data - all the PCR readings are completely fraudulent.

Big Pharma’s Deception | Dr. Sam Bailey

Date 2 months ago
Digging into the history of an infamous pharmaceutical scandal. It was said to be safe & effective. Sound familiar?