Square One (Part 1) The Void (Part 2) Falling (Part 3) Generations (Part 4) Circles (Part 5) Order out of Chaos

An epic five part track.

Square One interprets modern day conflicts from a perspective of the past and the future.

“It’s not the falling down, it’s staying down that leaves you with regrets.”

Square One (Director’s Cut)

Square One (Parts)

Nothing else to say to you... Goodbye girl. Nothing you can say or do... Goodbye girl. Nothing that would make me wanna hold on.

Goodbye Girl

Perfection Today

Finishing Line

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Finishing Line embarks on a journey into the darkness of a philosophical underworld, stepping on everything from truths protective layers to the web of lies and deceit that insulate and protect us from reality.

Finishing Line is a retronic expression of what could have been and what could be. Question everything, believe nothing. You aint even here.

See you at the Finish Line.