It was a beautiful day in London’s Hyde Park on the morning of July 4th, 2025. Warm summer air was rising up above the dawn mist when the tranquil sound of birdsong was abruptly broken by a roar of fortified military police vehicles rumbling towards suburbia…


The Darkness Came

It was a time when everything had changed almost overnight. Governments had fallen, elections had been cancelled and the populous were confined to restricted areas only. No longer could anyone visit the countryside without passing through at least a dozen heavily fortified military checkpoints and travel was only permissible with written authorisation from the government. Cash is no longer in circulation and your social credit score is the means by which you either live or die.

The world had fallen a long way since the carnage of 2020.

The Sound of Silence

The world wide web built to withstand nuclear attack is now no more. Access is only achieved with government issued key cards. There are no mobile networks, just authorised landlines that only work between 6pm and 8pm. Newspapers and the news media which mostly went bankrupt in 2022 have now been systematically broken up or taken over by the four tech giants who now run and control the flow of all information – The New York Times being the only exception as they are still owned by the Chinese government.

The birthrate has plummeted worldwide – mainly due to the enormous success of the 3rd and 4th shot of the coronavirus vaccine and the forced separation of men and women. It has also been estimated that at least 60% of all people under the age of 50 are now sterile.

Perpetual Pandemic

Meanwhile, it’s still the age of the virus and the elite’s media are warning everyone that STRAIN-27 has a 93.6% mortality rate. New laws include solitary confinement at home if you haven’t caught the virus and summary death by lethal injection if you have.

While all this was happening on terra firma, high up above began the construction of the elite’s new orbiting utopia. A revolving platform in low earth orbit where small units were bought for the price of countries. Hollywood mega stars, tech wizards and the banking elite were the first to sign up and many of them are already on board the unfinished platform. For the rest of the surviving population it’s a battle for the last few remaining spaces.

Treachery and chaos ensues, with little or no hope for the masses.

Meanwhile, The Cabal are busy planning their own personal cities in space.


It could happen to you

Samatha Harris was a teacher, and a good one. She cared about her pupils and was conscientious in her work. She loved her job, or had done right up until the day a parent complained. That day all Sam’s previously held ideals and beliefs came crashing down in a tumult of madness and mayhem. Sam had found herself sacked and barred from teaching forever for reading aloud Philip K Dick’s, ‘The Man in the High Castle’ to her class. A decision she had no right to appeal.

Sam’s precipitous fall from grace happened almost immediately along with a plummeting popularity among her peers. This new reality of being labelled a non-conformer and dissident had devastating effects on Sams personal and professional life. Cut off from family and friends she found herself confined to the government unit that she had been placed in after the seizure of her home and the removal of her bank account.

Sam now found herself in a desperate fight for existence. She knew, whether she could make it or not, survival would depend largely on luck and her willingness to risk everything. Sam had never backed away from difficult decisions before and she wasn’t about to start now.

This is her story…

ITall began with COVID-19, the banning of words and thoughts, and a tyranny unleashed that only conspiracy theorists saw coming. One day Sam was reading a book to her mask wearing class and the next she was being tortured by sadists reciting Das Capital. Held in a cell for weeks and stripped of all dignity and assets, Sam began fighting back, if only in her own mind.

Sam began dreaming of blood curdling scenarios and all out war for the survival of the human race. She saw cataclysm and unimaginable horror unleashed by a few hundred all powerful, all wealthy, all dominating, psychopathic monsters. They had to be stopped, but there was literally no time and no resources left to fight back with. Maybe complacency would be their downfall, but it was doubtful. The Cabal appeared so certain of victory that they no longer pretended to even need the hoards of collaborators and stooges they’d acquired along the way and like so often happens with despicable human traitors, they would soon find themselves being thrown to the wolves by their slave-masters. The one thing Sam had in her favour was the growing number of recruits to the cause, but she knew it would take an absolutely monumental event to inspire what was left of humanity to rise up and make one last stand.

The Spider

Sam had new clarity. She knew that she would rather die trying than quit on her knees, head bowed, waiting for the inevitable, so with absolute alacrity she began dreaming up ideas and hatching a plan.

Forming alliances using communication techniques quickly established during times of tyranny, Sam was able to steadfastly build a network of similarly committed and desperate followers from the confinement of her cell – hand signals, songs and using text from banned books was a favoured method of communicating and setting up meetings.

The Network grew stronger by the day, by the hour, by the minute. Every co-conspirator was prepared to risk everything for the chance to once again taste freedom. So far, they’d had no infiltration or leaks and the authorities knew little of their existence. It was their one advantage. Their ace card.

Praying for a break

Sam knew one thing for certain, she had to escape her confinement if she was going to help stop the elites genocide. They must to hit them where it hurts. Their leaders had to be brought down, she knew that. She had spent many hours thinking up ways of how to destroy them, but was for now, more concerned with her own present predicament. Tomorrow she was up for review, this usually meant a transfer to the death camps, she had to take any chance she got before then, whatever the risks.

An Act of God

Determined and desperate, Sam saw her chance to escape her tormentors when the convoy taking her to Military Court was freakishly struck by a falling section of the new Elysium space world – the construction of which was consuming 20% of the worlds natural resources, all under the guise of saving the planet.

It is later confirmed on the news wires that the accident had killed several people of which Sam was assumed to be one.

Sam had had her first lucky break…

An ally in the smoke

Escaping in the confusion and destruction, Sam finds herself being helped by a bearded stranger to a place of temporary safety. He offers her a handgun which Sam accepts and they make their way to an abandoned town house opposite a grey windowless storage facility. This is where the plot thickens.

Through an open window, Sam sees the shadowy figure of a man entering the nondescript building opposite and surreptitiously begins to follow them. She recognises him almost immediately, who wouldn’t, he’s on the TV everyday. It’s Dr death himself… Bill Gates. With absolutely no security in sight. How odd, she thinks to herself, quickly checking the gun her rescuer had given her.

Sam moves with speed and silence as she follows her target to a windowless room in the basement. Seeing Bill enter, Sam stealthily approaches and then cautiously opens the door he had entered through, just enough to take a look.


Bill is holding a clandestine meeting with several other leading globalists. Among them is Klaus Schwab and Ursula von der Leyen… but why?

He’s talking about STRAIN-27 and how they already have a vaccine for the fake virus that will kill off the healthy, along with the remaining weak and vulnerable. The numbers being spoken about are terrifying. Six Billion! This leaves just enough survivors to provide a slave class, Bill boasts.

Heart pumping, Sam sees her chance. Speedily entering the room and moving forward like a cat she puts the loaded weapon to Bill’s temple while grabbing the back of his jacket “die motherfucker!” she whispers.

Bill’s courtiers are shocked into stillness.

Then comes a loud BANG!

Bomb of Confusion

As the smoke begins to clear there is no sign of Sam or Gates. Alarm bells begin to ring and a frantic response ensues. What had happened? Everyone seemed disorientated and confused. “Find Bill” was already hitting the wires. It appears it was another explosion. This time it wasn’t falling debris. This was obviously a well planned and well coordinated attack but who was the mystery female gun slinger? And who was helping her? And even more importantly, where were they? These were the questions on the mind of every agency searching for Bill, but for now it seemed they had absolutely no clues.

The Network announce their arrival with meticulous timing

As the smoke settles questions continue to be asked…

Hostage of fortune

In the back of a van heading down the Portabello Road is a secured and very concerned Bill Gates. Sam whispers in his ear, “good things come to those who wait, Bill…”

Then the lights go out.

Some time later, Bill awakes, groggy and confused in a dark and silent stone walled room. As he tries to take in his surroundings and predicament, the door opens. Bill thinks he vaguely recognises the portly and dishevelled, bearded man who enters the room, but he can’t be sure. “I died on Harry Hill” muttered the shadowy figure “yeah, no one cares, I know… but guess what! They’ve finished constructing the Elyseum, shame you wont get to see it…” his laughter trailed off as he placed a tray of food on floor and closed the door behind him.


A New World For
The New World Order

Rinse And Repeat

After another indeterminable period for Bill, the door opened again. This time it was Sam and the grinning bearded man. “You’re gonna be even more famous than you already are, Billy” she tells her captive tech tyrant. “we’re gonna do a live show – you’re gonna love it – and guess what? Nobody has a clue where you are or how to find you.” She winks at her new comrade, punches Bill in the face and leaves the room. Dazed and confused, Bill starts to sob.

A day later, the door opens again, it’s Sam. This time hungry, desperate and thirsty, Bill plays what he thought was his only card. “You’ve got the wrong person! I’m not Bill!” he exclaims. Sam looks at him and smiles wryly. “I’m Melinda! He goes on. You must believe me.” Pleading and giving it everything he had, he says, “Bill is pretending to be me, Melinda, but I’m Melinda. I had a sex change and became Bill. Bill had a sex change and became me. You must try to understand. It’s what you do when you have more money than entire continents…” Sam thinks for a moment, punches Bill in the face again and shuts the door behind her.

The Network had done their homework on Dr. Gates


The Hunt for Bill Gates

Cops Clueless

Chief Inspector Britain of Scotland Yard, who had been leading the hunt for Bill Gates for several days now, was still completely baffled by the disappearance of the worlds richest man. No one could understand why they hadn’t had a single tip off or phone call during the entire search effort. A fellow police officer had suggested to him that it might have something to do with no one having access to a phone or the internet but their concerns were dismissed as a conspiracy theory and the officer was told to report sick.

The phone rings…

First contact

“Scotland Yard,” answers the excited detective. This had been the first time the phone had rung all day. “Good morning Britain”, came the reply. “Tonight at 8pm, we’re going live across the world with Bill Gates. It’s gonna be bigger than Barack Obama’s coming out party.”

The tired copper was sure he recognised the whiny shrill voice from somewhere but he just couldn’t place it… How did he know his name? Was it a former felon he’d nicked in the past? He couldn’t be sure. “We’ll see who’s laughing now!” Came the fluctuating voice down the phone. “Who? WHO’S LAUGHING??” was the bemused coppers only response before the phone cut off.

Oh well, to be fair I was expecting them to demand a ransom not a TV special, thought the weary detective as he trundled off to the coffee machine.

The Word

Using The Network, Sam and her rebel friends had put the word out that tonight at 8pm, the Bill Gates mystery would finally be revealed to the world. They planned using obsolete analogue radio and TV frequencies – used by the former British Broadcasting Company which Bill Gates had acquired from the British government in return for a vaccine they’d received during the 12th wave.

People were mobilising. Posters were going up faster than they could be torn down by the authorities. The Spider was being stencilled on every lamp post and every street corner, and for the first time in ages, music could be heard above the din of militarised vehicles.

The streets were coming back to life, like flowers in spring.

Meanwhile in a makeshift prison cell on the top floor of the abandoned Times of London building.

An hour before the planned pirate broadcast, the bearded man once again entered the room that had been Bill’s prison cell for the past 2 days. Visibly broken and looking far older than before, the haggard old megalomaniac is given a hot drink, and a hospital gown. “There you go you dirty old psychopath” says the chubby mystery man, “Get that down you and you’ll feel better.” Bill unsurely accepts the items and wearily lays back down, resigned to his fate.

3… 2… 1… and we’re live!

The airwaves blink into life. A picture appears on the screen and the lights come on revealing a captive scene. There sitting in a chair before the TV camera, is a visibly startled Bill Gates. Like a rabbit frozen in the headlights, Bill stares straight ahead.

The Gambit

Sam spoke directly into the camera. “It’s time you all saw the truth with your own eyes” she said. “Today there will no longer be any questions, only answers.” Sam then produced a very large syringe for her enraptured worldwide audience. As the camera zoomed in to the dripping needle, a terrified Bill Gates looked on nervously and began to shake. “Today we will find out just how safe Dr Bill’s vaccine really is” she said. “We are going to administer the STRAIN-27 vaccine to Bill now, live, just for you, the remnants of our once great society.”

“No! No! You’ll kill me!” screamed the visibly shaken and desperate trillionaire.

Sam smiled at the camera and approached the now highly agitated eugenicist, syringe in hand.

Sweating and cursing Bill Gates pleaded for his life, “You can’t do this… it’s… murder!” He stammered. “Tell the world what you’re doing Bill and I’ll spare you”, replied Sam. “Go on, tell the people what you’re going to do to them… this is your last chance!” She held the needle to Bill’s neck, ready.

True Confessions

“I’ve done nothing!” protested Bill, “I’m a humanitarian!” Bill felt the needle puncture his skin. He began to sweat profusely. Obfuscation obviously wasn’t working for him and he could feel time running out rapidly.

The needle penetrated deeper…

Bill’s heart was racing and he began to whimper and breath erratically. Sam whispered something in his ear. Gates, eyes wide open, started to speak.

He began by apologising and repeatedly saying sorry to some imaginary figure on the ground, before eventually breaking down and telling the world of his heinous plan to kill off 6 billion people with the STRAIN-27 vaccine. He opined about how he was “trying to save the planet” and was “only doing what was necessary – because mankind is the virus” he sobbed. Then, quick as a flash, before the pathetic megalomaniac could whine on any longer, Sam stuck the long shiny needle deep into the despicable cunts neck, injected the clear fluid and shrugged.

“You’re as guilty as sin”, said Sam calmly as she turned off the camera and departed the makeshift studio.

Days later…

A fleet of packed space shuttles hurriedly leave for the Elysium platform including on board, a very much alive and relieved Bill Gates – who apart from a sore neck had absolutely nothing else wrong with him. Sam’s placebo had done everything it had needed to do. There was no place left on earth for the genocidal maniac to hide. No amount of money would keep him safe now, he knew that. Yet at the same time he felt renewed. His near death experience had given him new resolve. No one and nothing could stop him now, he thought.

Although there was one very important fact Bill and The Cabal weren’t yet aware of…

Already on board, ready to sacrifice their own life, was The Network’s top insider.



Six months later Sam picks up a newspaper from a news stand on the corner of the Blackfriars Road and St George’s Circus. She looks at the front page headline and smiles.

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© March 2021

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