Edge of Darkness | Episode 6

The conclusion of this classic eco-thriller as Jedburgh makes for the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland, which is hosting a NATO conference on directed energy weapons.

Edge of Darkness | Episode 5

Craven and Jedburgh penetrate Northmoor and discover the hot cell which has been sealed off following an explosion.

Edge of Darkness | Episode 4

McCroon breaks into Craven's house intent on killing him.

Edge of Darkness Episode 3

The police close in on their suspect, Lowe, who is severely injured in a fall while trying to escape.

Edge of Darkness | Episode 2

Craven is visited by Emma's ghost. The fingerprints on the getaway car used by Emma's killer match those of Lowe, a man Craven arrested ten years previously.

Edge of Darkness – Episode 1

When his daughter Emma is murdered, a detective discovers, that she was in GAIA, and intent on exposing criminal conduct by an evil American corporation. Watch all six episodes of the best TV drama/thriller the BBC ever made.