A Year Ago None Of Us Realised The Tyranny That Lay Ahead | Opinion

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A Year Ago This Story Broke in the WSJ…

“New Virus Discovered by Chinese Scientists Investigating Pneumonia Outbreak.”

365 days later and so many people are broken emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially | The_Void

A year ago the Wall Street Journal broke a story about a virus that has now broken the world. Posted here for reference:

New Virus Discovered by Chinese Scientists Investigating Pneumonia Outbreak

Latest tally of people sickened in Wuhan is 59, with seven in critical condition

Public-health officials in Bangkok hand out disease-monitoring information after performing thermal scans on passengers arriving from Wuhan, China, on Wednesday. PHOTO: LAUREN DECICCA/GETTY IMAGES

By Natasha Khan | Updated Jan. 8, 2020 8:30 pm ET

HONG KONG – Chinese scientists investigating a mystery illness that has sickened dozens in central China have discovered a new strain of coronavirus, a development that will test the country’s upgraded capabilities for dealing with unfamiliar infectious diseases.

The novel coronavirus was genetically sequenced from a sample from one patient and subsequently found in some of the others affected in the city of Wuhan, people familiar with the findings said. Chinese authorities haven’t concluded that the strain is the underlying cause of sickness in all the patients who have been isolated in Wuhan since the infection first broke out in early December, the people said.

Chinese state media reported Thursday that the unidentified pneumonia “is believed to be a new type of coronavirus,” citing experts. State media reported that the results were preliminary and more research was needed to understand the virus.

There are many known coronaviruses—some can cause ailments like common colds in humans, while others don’t affect humans at all. Some—such as severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS-coronavirus, identified in 2003—have led to deadly outbreaks, lending urgency to efforts to contain the current situation.

The number of reported cases of viral pneumonia in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, was 59 on Sunday, rising from 27 on Dec. 31, according to Wuhan’s Municipal Health Commission, with seven people in critical condition. No deaths have been reported.”

Source: New Virus Discovered by Chinese Scientists Investigating Pneumonia Outbreak – WSJ

WHO (forgive the pun) could have known what lay ahead when the Wuhan Flu story first broke.

First of all it’s no longer called Wuhan Flu (Woke warriors  funded by the Chinese communists saw to that) and secondly no one really knows if it’s a hoax or a means to another end.

Nothing about this story has ever had any clarity, from the videos – obvious to us now, pumped out by the Chinese communists – of people shaking and collapsing in the streets of Wuhan, to the empty hospitals now being shown in 2021.

A year on and nothing has gotten any better, the curve hasn’t been flattened, the virus is on its fifth or sixth mutation, the so-called pandemic is still unseen and the fascists in control, especially the cops, are out of control.

This year is only just beginning and it already seems like we’ve lost everything.

Auspices are not good. The gut feeling is that tyranny lays ahead.

The corrupt news media will lie to you, call you the fascist and then denigrate everything you ever stood for if you transgress. Some cops and NHS staff will know the real story, but fear will stop most of them speaking out and the rest will go along. Just following orders.

This is the game that all maniacal governments play when they’re winning. Perpetual lockdown, a constantly extended travel ban, mask fascism, forced vaccination by sinister humiliation in a pressurised atmosphere (no vax no job) and the banning of any kind of protest. It will be a long road back to freedom for the western world that has to start now, before it is too late. The_Void has been one of the most prolific sites for censored information through this globalist inspired tyranny during the pandemic. It’s a small contribution to a far greater cause. The planet must face up to fact that the elite’s who plan to take control of the whole world with total suppression of speech, the right to protest and the universal right to love life and happiness are the biggest threat civilisation has ever faced. Greater than all the marxist ideologies of the last century. Fascism Communism, and Islamism pale into insignificance compared to the globalist threat. Where humanity goes from here will depend of the bravery and resilience of every one alive today. Fortunately for humanity, the defeat of tyranny is always only a few brave souls away.


Image: JB Handley Blog

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