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Flat Earth Debate

| Vs Gek – 2 Jan 2021 |

The ongoing between globetards and flatards about the shape of the Earth is an intriguing phenomenon that involves a mix of mistrust of authority, science, research, sensorial experiences, and .

The movement, characterised as a pseudoscience or science denial movement, challenges established assertions like the shape of the Earth, astronomical concepts, and gravitation while still embracing certain scientific principles like the scientific method and direct observation. Interestingly, despite their denial of mainstream scientific beliefs, Flat Earthers claim to uphold correct and unbiased science, the scientific method, and the truth, positioning themselves as advocates for an alternative version of science.

In essence, the persistence of debates between globetards and flatards reflects a broader societal issue involving trust in authority. The clash between established science and alternative beliefs continues to fuel discussions and controversies surrounding the shape of the Earth.

Source: Flat Earth DEBATE | Witsit Gets It Vs Gek

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