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Part 1 – Protocols of Power – 10 April 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “The Protocols of Power” on Spreaker.

Part 2 – Purpose of Protocols – 17 April 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “Purpose and Protocols” on Spreaker.

Part 3 – The Protocols of “Freedom – 24 April 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “The Protocols of “Freedom”” on Spreaker.

Part 4 – The Big Lie – 01 May 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “The Big Lie” on Spreaker.

Part 5 – Protocols of Power – World Governance – 08 May 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “Protocols of Power – World Governance” on Spreaker.

Part 6 – Protocols of Distraction – 16 May 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “Protocols of Distraction” on Spreaker.

Part 7 – The New Utopia – 01 May 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “The New Utopia” on Spreaker.

Part 8 – Control of Evolution – 06 June 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “Control of Evolution” on Spreaker.

Part 9 – The Force “They” Fear – 18 July 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “The Force “They” Fear” on Spreaker.

Part 10 – The Genius of Purpose – 25 July 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “The Genius of Purpose” on Spreaker.

Part 11 – The Community Gulag – 01 August 2022 | Windows on the World

Listen to “The Community Gulag” on Spreaker.

The Head of The Snake

Protocols of Power – 2022 | Windows on the World

Protocols of Power is an eleven part series covering every aspect of the current drivers of global change describing the who, what, when and where. This series looks at the levers of power and systems of governance.

“There are no secrets as to how the system works, there is only ignorance and wrong information perpetuated by the administrators of the new global system for the purposes of misdirection and more importantly distraction.”

Mark Windows – Protocols of Power – World Governance

“Everything is a driver of the change required to impose the restrictions necessary for the goals.”

Mark Windows – Protocols of Distraction

Mark Windows

Mark Windows is a researcher, filmmaker and host of Windows on the World, a weekly show focusing on joining the dots of the Bigger Picture and often the current Global Action Plan. Factual and informative, the shows cover everything that is happening and the who, why and where plus how the system of governance actually works underneath the narratives presented to the public.

The show covers history, management systems, the hidden and hidden in plain sight narratives which drive the systems governing the planet.

Windows on the World has been broadcasting information from around 2005. Mark has been finding and presenting solutions since then. This includes presenting detailed studies into many subjects from systems of law to the paranormal.

The full archive of radio shows and the hundreds of videos are an interconnected encyclopaedia of information, all info at

Windows on the World in The_Void

The Parasitic Depopulation Agenda | Windows on the World

Mass depopulation is the Agenda for Sustainable Development. The so called “elites” say the excess should die and we’ve seen some evidence of how they’re going to achieve this.

The Last Druid – Ben McBrady of The Old Gaelic Order

The present age is at an end, however the knowledge of the advanced civilisation of the past is out there.

THE LINE: The Smart City Desert | Windows on the World

The world’s first sustainable smart prison.

Humanity Celebrates: The Georgia Guidestones Are No More | Special Report

Who could possibly have wanted to to see a monument promoting human depopulation and eugenics destroyed?

The Hive Mind Consensus Reality | Windows on the World

Misguided, hive-minded, do-gooders are turning into hate filled intolerant bioweapons, weaponised against you.

Puppets, Pawns and Power | Windows on the World/ Voltaire Network

Mark Windows returns to discuss the current geopolitical power play and Thierry Meyssan’s article ‘Russia declares war on the Straussians’.

AGENDA 2030: New World Order Disguised as Sustainable Development | Essential Guide

A blueprint for depopulation and the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of technocratic corporate masters.

A Plan That Rules The World | Windows on the World

Mark Windows discusses the control system with Al Price and ‘A Different Gravy’. The show is a presentation on how the world system now operates. 

The Land Pirates Killed You at Birth | Windows on The World

Your parents sold you to the devil who deceived them into doing it. Understand this and we can start to move forward.

World War 3 – Frontline Report | Windows on the World

Those who know nothing, still think that everything outside of their narrow lives must be a conspiracy theory.

The Rosicrucian “Mystery” | Windows on the World

A look at the Order of the Rose Cross and its influence from 1600 to the present.

Extinction Rebellion – The Facts | Windows on the World

Mark Windows discusses the Common Purpose and objectives of Extinction Rebellion.

The Global Coup – Defeating Demons | Windows on the World

There’s a war going on, it’s an ideological war. Don’t let the demons in.

The Magnificent Ones | Opinion

True heroes are made by their deeds. An index and links to the greatest truth tellers around today.

Surviving World War Three | Windows on the World

COVID-19 is merely an acceleration to the global action plan and the sustainable development goals.

The Perpetual Crisis | Windows on the World

Windows: This is gaslighting on a scale that has never been seen before.

Freedom from Fakery | Windows on the World

A summation and historical perspective of the Global Action Plan.

Cyber Attack Special | Windows on the World

Mark Windows discusses the upcoming World Economic Forum’s cyber attack exercise, ‘Cyber Polygon’.

The Depopulation Plan | Windows on the World

Depopulation is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and affects all aspects of the new world system of Agenda 2030.

Your World in Their Hands: The Enslavement of Humanity | Investigation

George Hunt became aware of the environmental, Trojan Horse fraud after attending the 4th World Wilderness Congress in Colorado in 1987.

Mark Windows: This System is Communitarianism | Glitch In The Code

Communitarianism is a decentralised system of control for the entire planet.

The Man Who Saw the Future | Windows on the World

The planning of societal change takes place decades before the public see any signs of the implementation.

UK Apocalypse – For the Common Good | Windows on the World

Mark Windows on the Communitarian collapse of the UK.

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