Jay Dyer: The System They Want is Fundamentally Anti Human | The Delingpod

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Jay Dyer | The Delingpod

James Delingpole continues his journey deep into The_Void with Jay Dyer.

The philosopher, comedian, author of Esoteric Hollywood 1 and 2 and presenter of TV’s ‘Hollywood Decoded’ talks to James about God, technocracy, Carroll Quigley’s ‘Tragedy & Hope’, movie subtexts and the future of the human race.

“The real problem that people have isn’t with the information or the so called ‘tin foil hat’ person or the ‘conspiracy theorist’, it’s their own insecurity in terms of how they have perceived authority figures. It’s almost like they didn’t mature in their thought process to a certain level, where as they default to that authority figure. They imagine that the authority figures have their best interests at heart.”

Jay Dyer

Jay Dyer: http://jaysanalysis.com

James Delingpole: http://delingpoleworld.com

Source: Jay Dyer The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast

Source: Jay Dyer – YouTube

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