Patrick Henningsen: Geopolitics vs The Great Reset | 21st Century Wire

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The Globalist Agenda

: ‘ vs ’ – 10 Sept 2022 |

A given at the Freedom Alliance Conference in August 2022,  discusses “The return of ” post-covid, and asks the crucial question: is the WEF’s Great Reset driving , or is driving ?

“Is driving ?

Or is driving ?”

Upon examination, the answer may not be as clear and decisive as many previously thought. In the wake of conflict, it’s more likely that we are currently seeing the continuation of the succession of ‘old world orders’ – an attempted continuation of the post-WWII Anglo-American/ Atlanticist led liberal world order, with western great powers cynically wielding the green agenda as a weapon with which to hobble European economies and prevent Europe from cooperating with a rapidly emerging Eurasian tiger.

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Source: Patrick Henningsen: Geopolitics vs The Great Reset

Source: Patrick Henningsen: ‘Geopolitics vs The Great Reset’ – 21st Century Wire


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