Posie Parker: Trans Women Aren’t Women – Part 2 | Triggernometry

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Woman: Adult Human Female (Still)

: “Trans Aren't – Part 2 – 3 Oct 2021 |

is a 's rights campaigner and runs standingforwomen.com.

Posie returns to to update the boys on the eradication of .

-Minshull, also known as , is a British activist who founded the group Standing for in 2018. She began a campaign that year promoting the message “Woman: ” on billboards, posters, and t-shirts.

Keen-Minshull, an advocate for 's rights, says the purpose of her campaign is to ensure the word “woman” is only used to mean “”. She has held events across the UK, US, and to raise awareness of what she sees as threats to 's rights.

Her billboards and posters have been removed in some cases after being deemed transphobic.

Source: Posie Parker: Trans Women Aren't Women – Part 2 | Triggernometry


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