Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 31 (Jon Benét Ramsey)

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The tragic story of Jon Benét Ramsey | Part One

/Satanic Cover-Up | Part 31 (JonBenét case John & )

As argues in , the standard profile of as lone nuts driven only by their inner demons is often wildly inaccurate. When the evidence from numerous high-profile cases is assembled, there are an astounding number of parallels that create a much different image of the . Many serial killings are in fact murders of political significance, used to protect criminal enterprises such as drug trafficking or sex rings. Even more disturbingly, there is often evidence of programming by intelligence fronts: the military, prisons, mental hospitals, doctors, Satanic cults, etc. Such programming is used to condition these “” to commit crimes they otherwise would not or confess to crimes they did not actually commit. The treatment of by law enforcement and the courts is filled with irregularities as a result. Before committing the crimes that brought them notoriety, many received extremely lenient treatment to the point of cover-up, evidently enjoying protection as a government asset. Once they were no longer needed, they were railroaded into taking the fall as a lone killer, prevented from maintaining their innocence or revealing accomplices.

Most of the series information comes directly from the : : The Politics of Serial Murder by author David McGowan.


Source: Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 31 (JonBenét case John & Patsy Ramsey) – YouTube


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