September Clues Soundtrack | Simon Shack/ The Social Service

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“It Seemed Just Like a Movie.”

September Clues Soundtrack | Simon Shack/The Social Service |

Composed by: Simon Shack & his band – The Social Service

is the product of relentless, passionate efforts met with, so far, the sole reward of playing our songs live – barely covering our travel expenses & guitar strings! In fact, it’s been a while since we’ve been gigging – and it’s all my fault, the research having recklessly hijacked our touring schedule – grr… Anyhow, we hope you enjoy the tunes!”

| August 2010

Links and sources

Source: The Social Service

Source: SEPTEMBER CLUES – the soundtrack

Source: September Clues Soundtrack (Simon Shack/The Social Service)

Source: September Clues The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11 

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