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Woman: Adult Human Female

Posie Parker / – 29 Dec 2021 |

Hateful thinks there is no such thing as an and that Posie Parker should be cancelled for thinking otherwise.

Ambush Journalism

In the car-crash interview of the year, the feisty Standing for Woman activist, , AKA Posie Parker, joined on TalkRadio to discuss something to do with but it turned out that doesn't seem to think females should have their own private spaces without men.

Posie makes her position quite clear:

“I want men out of woman's spaces!”


“I am slightly staggered by your views.”


“What? That biological sex exists.”

Max then replies,

“I may have to change my mind. Maybe you should be cancelled.”

Posie responds,


with understandable exhaustion at such a cretinous statement.

Wow indeed…

TalkRadio posted a clip of the disaster on which created quite a stir with over a million views.

Is able to think critically?

The monstrous ignorance of can be seen from space. His mindless misogyny and weird is exasperating. The pretence that a man can become a woman and a woman become a man is not only cringe and absurd, it's downright bloody offensive to woman and men alike, and totally unscientific. You can bet there'll be a lot more of this abusive, intelligence insulting mantra – on repeat – ad nauseam.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, we simply must not allow these misogynistic,  psychopaths to engineer society into accepting their post truth fantasies and unscientific reality. You can call yourself what ever you want but that doesn't change your biology. Fact.

The Sweet Taste of Victory

How did Posie respond to the TalkRadio interview? With absolute righteous vitriol of course. As Posie says,

“It's easy to look like a hero when you are greeted by a fool.”

Watch and enjoy the celebration with her…

TalkRADIO suggests I should be cancelled – December 2021 |

“I'm happy to say at any point that every single human deserves to be able to speak the truth in a democratic and free society, and in fact in every society.”

“I am going to win because I never lose.”

Posie Parker is a , she's tough, she's dignified, she's smart, she's quick witted, she doesn't allow bollocks in her presence and she absolutely will not ever shut up while this nonsense is being espoused on the TV, in the classroom and on .


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Source: Posie Parker / Kellie-Jay Keen & James Max – Talk Radio – YouTube


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