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S01E01 Minimum Viable Product

S01E02 The Cap Table

S01E03 Articles of Incorporation

S01E04 Fiduciary Duties

S01E05 Signaling Risk

S01E06 Third Party Insourcing

S01E07 Proof of Concept

S01E08 Optimal Tip-To-Tip Efficiency

Building Big Tech

– Series 1 – 2014 |

A satirical take on the tech industry and its characters' struggles to succeed in the competitive world of .

revolves around a group of young men working on a startup company in , California. The first season introduces the characters of Richard Hendricks, Erlich Bachman, Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti, Bertram Gilfoyle, Dinesh Chugtai, and Jared Dunn, who work together to create an app called ‘Pied Piper', which is the result of Hendricks' development of a data compression algorithm. 

Making The World a Better Place

follows the ups and downs of the tech industry and the challenges that the characters face as they try to make their startup successful. Throughout the series, the characters encounter various obstacles, including rival companies, legal issues, and personal conflicts.

Cast includes Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, and Josh Brener. The show was created by , also known for creating ‘Beavis and Butthead', ‘King of The Hill' and ‘Office Space'.

The Rise of Big Tech

is a region in California that is home to many of the world's largest technology companies, including Apple, Google, and Facebook. The region's rise to prominence began in the 1970s with the development of the microprocessor, which led to the creation of personal computers and other technological innovations. The region's success has been attributed to a combination of factors, including access to venture capital, a highly skilled workforce, and a culture of innovation and risk-taking.

' is a fictional portrayal of the tech industry in the region. The show follows the story of a group of young men working on a startup company in , as they navigate the ups and downs of the tech industry. The show has been praised for its accuracy in depicting the tech industry and its culture, as well as its humor and relatable characters. The show tackles issues that the tech industry faced at the time, such as company politics, the rise of Bitcoin, and personal privacy issues. The show's creator, , worked at a startup in , which inspired the show's characters and storylines. While the show is fictional, it provides a glimpse into the world of tech startups and the challenges they face in .

Bursting The Dot Com Bubble

The dot-com bubble was a rapid rise in U.S. technology stock equity valuations fueled by investments in Internet-based companies during the bull market in the late 1990s. The bubble burst in 2001, resulting in a loss of billions of dollars and causing several Internet companies to go bust. The collapse of during the dot-com bubble was a significant event in the tech industry and world economy, impacting many people and businesses. The dot-com bubble was a painful but valuable learning experience for and the tech industry, forcing companies to rethink their business models, focus on profitability, and prioritise long-term sustainability over short-term growth. The experience also highlighted the importance of diligence, rigorous analysis, and disciplined decision-making in the tech industry.

Source: Silicon Valley S01E01 Minimum Viable Product


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