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Did man land on the moon? Do astronauts go to the International Space Station (ISS)? Are spacewalks real? Did Elon Musk really launch a car into space?

, of Spacebusters, says ‘no' to all of the above.

US President Richard Nixon calling the moon in 1969

Big Business

Like Hollywood, space entertainment travel is a multibillion-dollar industry. It's one of the most lucrative industries there is, Steve notes in his conversation with me.

After all, we can't see what actually happens beyond a certain height, so we resort to ‘trusting the experts' when they show us videos of a vehicle attaching itself to the ISS, or when the European Space Agency (ESA) publishes photos of a probe landing on a comet.

Where are the rockets going?

Is the difference between a Hollywood film and a film merely the actors? How much of the official space footage is ? Are , SpaceX, the ESA, and the rest all gaslighting us?

I don't know.

But one thing is for certain, in my view: there is a lot of fakery going on. I am reminded of the time when I believed that WWF was unscripted and not fake wrestling.

“There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers.”

Neil Armstrong, speaking at the White House (1994)

Fakery Everywhere

Do you think that sent rovers to drive around Mars? And if so, do you think that the photos, from Mars, are real?

Leonid Konovalov is an associate professor at the Moscow School of Cinema. He specialises in camera operation, cinematography, film projection, and film negative developing. He published a series of articles in which he critiqued various space travel claims.

In the following breakdown, he argues that the Mars rover photos are bunk.

And here he shows 18 clearly faked photos from the Apollo 11 mission.

Have a look at this official moon-landing photo (with the astronaut and flag) from NASA's website.

When I look up at the Moon, it looks quite small, depending on the time of month. Or rather, not ‘small' per se, since it is the size that it is.

Nevertheless, Earth is, more or less, four times bigger than the Moon, so it should be a helluva lot bigger in the photo.

Furthermore, when the astronaut photo is zoomed in, you can see identical cloud formation as in the Earth Rise photo shown in the podcast.

Meanwhile, here are two SpaceX rocket launches four years apart (2016 and 2020). There's just one problem: the smoke formation and waves, in both photos, are identical.


But wait! There's more!

Watch this clip from The Guardian, in which India successfully ‘lands a vehicle on the moon'.

Why are they watching, what is obviously, an animation?

Do people actually believe this?

“Because there wasn't any television. There wasn't about taking a picture. You watched animation.”

Buzz Aldrin, talking on Conan O'Brien

Source: Steve Falconer on NASA, SpaceX, and space fakery – Jerm Warfare


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