The Georgia Guidestones and the New World Order | Essential Guide

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Written in Stone

The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States.

A set of ten guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts. The have been called “America’s Most Mysterious Monument.”

What is this weird Stonehenge-like structure in rural Georgia? Why do the messages inscribed on them predict the end of the world?


In June 1979, a man using the pseudonym R. C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company on behalf of “a small group of loyal Americans”, and commissioned the structure. Christian explained that the stones would function as a compass, calendar, and clock, and should be capable of “withstanding catastrophic events”. Joe Fendley of Elberton Granite assumed that Christian was “a nut” and attempted to discourage him by providing a quote for the commission which was several times higher than any project the company had previously taken, explaining that the guidestones would require additional tools and consultants. To Fendley’s surprise, Christian accepted the quote. When arranging payment, Christian said that he represented a group which had been planning the guidestones for 20 years and which wanted to remain anonymous.

Christian delivered a scale model of the guidestones and ten pages of specifications. The 5-acre (2-hectare) site was apparently purchased by Christian on October 1, 1979, from farm owner Wayne Mullinex. Mullinex and his children were given lifetime cattle grazing rights on the guidestones site.

On March 22, , the monument was unveiled before an audience variously described as 100 or 400 people. Christian later transferred ownership of the land and the guidestones to Elbert County.

In 2008, the stones were defaced with polyurethane paint and graffiti with slogans such as “Death to the ”. Wired magazine called the defacement “the first serious act of vandalism in the guidestones’ ”.

In September 2014, an employee of the Elbert County maintenance department contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation when the stones were vandalised with graffiti including the phrase “I Am Isis, goddess of love”.

The text and message as it appears in the guidestones in English, photo by Dina Eric 


A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Russian.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000
in perpetual balance with nature

Guide reproduction wisely –
improving fitness and diversity

Unite humanity with a living
new language

Rule passion – faith – tradition
and all things
with tempered reason

Protect people and nations
with fair laws and just courts

Let all nations rule internally
resolving external disputes
in a world court

Avoid petty laws and useless

Balance personal rights with
social duties

Prize truth
beauty – love –
seeking harmony with the


Be not a cancer on the Earth
Leave room for nature
Leave room for nature

Explanatory Tablet

A few feet to the west of the monument, an additional granite ledger has been set level with the ground. This tablet identifies the structure and the languages used on it lists various facts about the size, weight, and astronomical features of the stones, the date it was installed, and the sponsors of the project. It also refers to a time capsule buried under the tablet, but blank spaces on the stone intended for filling in the dates on which the capsule was buried and is to be opened have not been inscribed, so it is uncertain if the time capsule was ever actually put in place.

The complete text of the explanatory tablet is detailed below. The tablet is somewhat inconsistent with respect to punctuation and misspells the word “pseudonym”. The original spelling, punctuation, and line breaks in the text have been preserved in the transcription which follows. At the top center of the tablet is written:

Center cluster erected March 22,

Immediately below this is the outline of a square, inside which is written:

Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason

Around the edges of the square are written translations to four ancient languages, one per edge. Starting from the top and proceeding clockwise, they are: Babylonian (in cuneiform script), Classical GreekSanskritand Ancient Egyptian (in hieroglyphs). The guidestones’ “Astronomic Features”. Undated instructions for the site’s time capsule

On the left side of the tablet is the following column of text:

Astronomic Features
1. Channel through stone
indicates celestial pole
2. Horizontal slot indicates
annual travel of sun
3. Sunbeam through capstone
marks noontime throughout the year

Author: R.C. Christian
(a pseudonyn) [sic]

Sponsors: A small group
of Americans who seek
the Age of Reason

Time Capsule:
Placed six feet below this spot

To be opened on

The words appear as shown under the time capsule heading; no dates are engraved.

Astronomical Features

The four outer stones are oriented to mark the limits of the 18.6 year lunar declination cycle. The center column features a hole drilled at an angle from one side to the other, through which can be seen the North Star, a star whose position changes only very gradually over time. The same pillar has a slot carved through it which is aligned with the Sun’s solstices and equinoxes. A 78-in (22 mm) aperture in the capstone allows a ray of sun to pass through at noon each day, shining a beam on the center stone indicating the day of the year.

Channel through stone indicates celestial pole. Credit unknown.
A slot is cut in the middle of the gnomon stone to form a window which aligns with the positions of the
rising sun at the Summer and Winter Solstices and at the Equinox. Photo by Dina Eric
Sunbeam through capstone marks noontime throughout the year. Photo by Steve

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

The first guideline demands a 93.6% reduction in the human population.
Schematic. Credit unknown.

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Interesting Extras

Alex Jones, in his film Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement Alex Jones, claims the Guidestones represent a genocidal program sponsored by the world’s financial elites.

Yoko Ono called the Guidestones “a stirring call to rational freedom.” She cut a tribute track in 1993 called “Georgia Stone.”

The stones were defaced with graffiti in 2008. The spray-painted message was DEATH TO THE .

A mysterious “Time Capsule” is allegedly buried nearby. A tablet erected near the Guidestones’ claims that a time capsule is buried beneath the tablet, although there is no proof the capsule really exists and no suggestion of what is written on it.

The Guidestones were purposely designed to track the sun’s east-west migration year-round.

During an equinox or solstice, those who stand at the west side of a “mail slot” carved into the Guidestones can see the sunrise over the horizon.

The four outer stones are positioned to mark the limits of the 18.6 year lunar declination cycle.

An eye-level hole drilled into the center stone permits viewers to locate the North Star.

A small hole drilled through the capstone serves as a sundial.

At noon every day, a reading of where the sunbeam hits the centre column allows one to pinpoint the exact day of the year.

In 2009, a man stole a 6-inch cube of granite from the top of one of the Guidestones. Four years later, police arrested William Jeremy Ellis in the middle of the night as he was trying to replace the cube of granite he’d stolen. He explained to police that he “didn’t want that weight anymore.”

A tablet in front of the monument declares:


It’s kind of hard to be reasonable when you’re talking about wiping out over 90% of the planet’s inhabitants, though?

The Guidestones were designed to withstand catastrophic events. Events such as, oh, a World War that wiped out 6.5 billion people. As the world lay in ashes, somewhere R.C. Christian and his cohorts could take a little comfort that at least their giant creepy tombstone was still standing way out in rural Georgia.


Population Control: The Documentary

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