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How seven psychopaths destroyed American democracy.

The Trump Presidency was the last stand of a defiant population. The Deep state and their Globalist power masters have won, and to be fair, it doesn’t look good for humanity from here on in.

Trump was the catalyst and the symbol of one last attempt by western civilisation to save itself from ultimate destruction. It’s all too easy to see where we’re precipitating to now. Our voice seems to have gone, along with most conservatives, into the great void of castigation.

Silenced. Demoralised. Weakened.

Yet it’s not all doom and gloom…

We the oppressed inhabitants of western societies are now more united than ever before, especially after we have witnessed what The Cabal have been able to pull off. Trump increased his vote from his victory in 2016 by over 10,000,000 and still lost. Laugh out bloody loud! What a joke. A man who couldn’t get ten people to attend a rally, won more votes than any other candidate in American history. At least we’ll be dragged to the camps knowing. Anyone who believes that Biden got more votes than any American President in history needs to be sedated.

Voting machines owned by Chinese operatives.

Voting counts halted over-night.

Millions more voters than at anytime in electoral history.

Laugh or Cry

The list goes on and on… we’ve all heard the stories, seen the videos. This was a globalist corporate coup. No other leader will dare stand up to China or The Cabal now. They know it. Watch the crooks all rush to abandon Trump, like the cowardly controlled simps they are. My money is on Boris to be one of the first whimpering gutless slobs to do so.

Still, we the people fight on, encouraged in the knowledge that we are on the right side of history, fighting for our children’s future. They think they’ve won, but they’ve won nothing yet. Too many have seen the light. The Numbers are too great to crush instantly.

We have to change our habits.

Business habits.

Purchasing habits.

User habits.

Find out who we are giving our money to and choose wisely. No longer play their game. The consumer still has some power. Amazon is really really bad. It wasn’t so long ago we could live without them, just like it’s easy to live without the fake news now. You realise you’re missing nothing.

The News Media have been revealed beyond all doubt as liars and propagandists. The Deep State has been exposed to all, and Hollywood has been unveiled as a stinking swamp of irrelevance, narcissism and sleaze. All the mystery gone. Never to be icons again.

The same fools built the tower of Babel

There are new gods on planet earth and they come in the form of the tech lizards and their amphibian offspring. They and their courtiers now possess the means by which all future things will be decided. To their wishes of course. There are at least seven individuals with more power than most countries and any elected leader.

Seven Psychopaths

The most dangerous list. Yep, they’re all men – wizards who’ll put you under a spell









hese are the names that will now forever be synonymous with the destruction of freedom and human liberty in the western world. Greedy self obsessed nerds who hate humanity. The people who think they rule the world. The people who want everything and who will destroy everything to get what they want. It can be put it in no simpler terms:

They are the greatest menace civilisation has ever faced.

First thing they’re going to do is round up the dissidents and troublemakers, next will be the readers… then a free for all. How many historical examples do you need? The digital world has made this all too easy. That’s why votes on paper are disappearing. Paper money is will be gone by year out. It’s the great reset. If your banned from the digital world you can no longer sustain yourself or your family. Watch the walls go up now that they’ve got rid of President Trump. Trespassers will be exterminated on glowing neon signs. BLM and ANTIFA will be phased out like the bus services that ferried them across the country for anarchy. Purpose served. No longer useful. Kaepernick can go back to being a shite ex-footballer. It’s over in the minds of The Cabal. They think they’ve won.

We pray they are wrong

For many of us the Trump presidency was the start of something new. A bold new way of restructuring how things get done. With common sense and without war. Trump’s legacy will be huge and worldwide. It reminded us all of freedoms lost in the slow march of Marxism. The movement the president created will grow stronger and smarter. The Donald was the greatest, ever. He was a privilege to witness. It’s very probable that he will be remembered as the last democratically elected leader in America.

Thank you, Mr President. God bless you. What a ride!

And as Bill Hicks so eloquently said,

“it is just a ride…”


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