Last Days Of The Cabal

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The War For The World

Those of us who are highly tuned to the machinations of have felt deeply for a long time that an epic battle of good verses evil was on the horizon. We knew not when, but we knew it was coming. We've sensed it for a while.

Like many important truths in our world, throughout our life we are taught to dismiss the notion of an all powerful, ruthless ruling elite as ‘ nonsense' but in truth is very real.

The term ‘' refers to a dynasty of the most powerful secretive individuals on earth that issue instructions through a group of immensely wealthy and powerful oligarchs and then down through their minions. They're engaged in controlling governmental, financial, political, media, cultural, and religious organisations on a global scale.

The Unnamable

The top table is inhabited by representatives of each of the seven tribes/13 families/bloodlines. Those who must never be mentioned. The Rothschild's had the Romanov's assassinated and then stole all their gold. The Rockefeller's stole America. They control everything. They even control reality.

They nurture and propagate their deeply committed puppets out into society and into all positions of power. They are supreme in the dark arts and . They start and finish wars. They control history and science through academia, the narrative through their media companies, politicians through blackmail and rewards, and they own all the central banks. They use celebrities and the arts to manifest and spread their message – sometimes willingly, sometime unwittingly. They can break anything or anyone. They set up committees, boards, governing bodies and multi national bodies that control society though surreptitious and well hidden ideological means. They are Vanguard and BlackRock. They are the Khazarians, the mortal enemy of humanity.

They ripped apart the last century by funding both sides in every war…

Pure Devilry

Imagine the evil genius it takes to maintain such an all powerful stranglehold over humanity over multiple centuries and multiple generations.

As Above

The Committee of Three Hundred are the head of 's snake. They coordinate and direct all of the bodies and committees below them…

The Story of by

So Below

The Bilderberg Group

Global Power Structure

These groups control all world governing bodies, NGO's, charities, rights organisations, commerce and laws. They are made up of selfish, megalomaniacal sociopaths and utter psychos. They think of themselves as Masters of the Universe and operate as a kind of a parallel government to official elected and appointed governments around the world.

They are the dark forces some have whispered about through the centuries.

's snake

The Mystery Schools

Incredibly, as we know them now have dominated human society, and human history, sometimes overtly, sometimes quietly, for almost 400 years, and in other forms for thousands of years. incorporate the symbology, numerology, rituals, designs and methods handed down by the ancient mystery schools, , and secret societies through the centuries.

The Public Face Of Power

These are your Bond villains. Up front and seemingly leading the charge, but in reality, they are high-up advisors choreographed from above. They also take the heat off individual world leaders who are doing great work for . They are the proverbial Bogeymen. The psychopathic despots who direct the traffic. The slimy ones.

Pedo Elite

It is possible to discern who some of the top players are in the global by their behaviour profiles: extreme self-absorption (disguised often with token charities), extreme wealth holdings, upper-level political meddling, power-tripping on a global scale, ruthlessness, and by their negative personal energy signatures, almost demonic in appearance. It is easy to identify these sociopathic oligarchs, dictators, royalty, media moguls, and billionaire paedophile influencers by their behaviour and inhuman indulgences. Did someone say Bill Gates?

Bill and Jeff


Of course, they do all this from the shadows, continuing to foster the illusion that the New World Order or global Cabal doesn't really exist, and that anyone saying anything to the contrary is a dangerous far-right theorist.

The Slime

Everyone below the committees, governing bodies and billionaires are the chasers and scrapers. The politicians who need funding, the publishers, the lawmakers, the judiciary, the unemployable offspring of well serving political leaders, the flotsam and jetsam of human avarice. Tony Blair is the perfect example of this. A low life gutter crawling slime who'll do anything for a buck and a shot of Adrenochrome. For our American readers… think Obama.

The Puppet Show

's puppet show is made up of not only top dogs but also of hundreds of thousands of rank-and-file middlemen and line operatives who make up the rest of the network of evil. All of these levels work in synergy, using financial, political, media, and cultural power to dominate, exploit and prey on their human fodder, often in subtle and disguised ways.

The Plan

Kill 93% of the worlds population, form a one world government, and create a slave class of 500 million serfs. It's as simple as that and has been laid out in stone on the Georgia Guidestones for decades.

One World Government

was going to be their big play in the grand chess game. They would use it to replace the too-slow-moving climate change hoax. They would run it alongside 5G to implement their final solution. A world with 500 million well controlled slaves. The plan had been tested and planned over many decades and through many political era's. It was all set to start in 2025 and be completed by 2030.

The Fall

Yet with out explaining why, the plan has gone to shit. You can feel it. Their narrative is certainly collapsing and people seem more energised than at any time previously.

So what the hell is happening? And why is it happening now? Has their grand masterplan to de-pop the world run into difficulties? The simple answer seems to be yes. It appears they moved too early. They didn't have their 5G microwave horror show in place. Did they bring forward their plan to get rid of Trump? Again it appears so, and there the seeds of their downfall seem to have been laid. It's now up to the free people of the world everywhere to rise up and demand justice and retribution for the crimes against humanity of these monsters. We are many. We are strong. We have some great people fighting for the cause. We have one chance. A chance in a millennium. We have to take it.

Behind The Shadows

operates and derives its great power from the secrecy it surrounds itself with and that secrecy is now almost gone.

“When you try to kill millions with a fake pandemic, but accidentally end up awakening millions leading to your own destruction… that's karma”


The brazen methods they employed to implement their transition into a global technocracy with a controlled population through and has forced them out of the shadows and into the light. Their power over us is crumbling as fast as their news media's pre-scripted narratives. Babel is falling. There is going to be a bloodletting, but there will also be an evil contingency plan. They may even take the nuclear option in their desperation… who knows?!

Judgement Day

They know they've crossed the proverbial point of no return, that place there's no coming back from. History and justice will seek them out, like the Nazi hunters of the last century. They must be hunted down and captured or they'll be back in some form or other to haunt us. In other words, if they don't face justice all this will happen again, probably sooner rather than later, and next time they'll definitely succeed. These are the demons of our world. They are stuff of nightmares.

Forged in hell they'll burn in hell


They gained too much power over too long a period. They were able to buy everything and everyone. They became more and more evil as they gained more and more power. They are the satanic paedophile elite who've ruled the world for god only knows how long. They are the bringers of death. They must be destroyed. Completely and utterly. Once and for all.


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  1. jimmylynn
    jimmylynn says:

    No mention of China and Israel stealing technology from the USA. No analysis
    of how that happened…. and no understanding of the part chabad lubavitch
    in controlling the fake narrative in both the USA and Russia…. It’s a pantomime
    to fool the rest of us and the Void plays it’s part promoting controlled opposition like UK Column and others…..

    Fact is until you start to acknowledge that satanism is the motivation and that’s
    who they worship and take orders from, you can only reach inconclusive answers….

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