The Occult History Behind Hollywood Predictive Programming | NYSTV

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History Behind – 17 Mar 2024 | NYSTV

A deeper look than you've ever seen into the reasons and history behind why they seem to be able to tell the future.

History Behind delves into the hidden world of , revealing the sinister forces shaping American society through . Research suggests that fictional movies or books are used as a mass tool by the government or higher-ups to familiarise the public with future changes, making them more accepting. Notable cases include examples found in popular media like The Simpsons, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Hunger Games. This concept is believed by researchers who anticipate a totalitarian government takeover or suspect that tragic events are orchestrated. aims to reduce resistance by introducing seemingly far-fetched concepts through entertainment media, controlling imagination and softening the impact of traumatic events. The theory has gained popularity and is linked to various significant events, with proponents like Alan Watt, Alex Jones, and David Icke contributing to its discussion.

Source: The Occult History Behind Hollywood Predictive Programming


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