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Abolish the UN

The with , Episode 141 – 3 June 2023 |

The more one looks at the , the weirder it gets, particularly when looking at .

In a recent episode of the , host exposed the fruitbat theosophical religion Muller urged that international organisation to take up as part of its Millennium Assembly to define a for the and . In this episode, Lindsay goes further, reading a 2005 document from Muller explaining his belief in a need for a “proper” global government with a global religion, all controlled by a newly reconstituted for the . The goal is nothing less than a Global Theosophical led by the . The is, quite clearly, taking this bad idea seriously, which leads us to an urgent need to take seriously the idea of defunding and abolishing the altogether.

Source: The Global Pagan Theocracy of the United Nations – YouTube


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