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Casus belli

is the spreading of information about the crimes committed by an enemy, which can be factual, but often includes or features deliberate fabrications or exaggerations.

is not limited to times of conflict but can be implemented to sway public opinion and create a to declare is used to vilify the opposing side and establish a baseline lie by painting the enemy as a monster. The propagandists' goal is to influence perceptions and waste the time and resources of the enemy's counterintelligence services to defend itself.

and creation is a regular feature of modern warfare and is designed to stir emotion, dehumanise and foster your hate of the ‘enemy' of the day, and is used to manage beliefs and opinions of the public in order to manufacture consent for the justification of escalating violence.”

– TNT Radio

leads to real atrocities, as it incites the enemy into committing more atrocities, and, by heating up passions, it increases the chances of one's own side committing atrocities, in revenge for the ones reported in propaganda. might also lead the public to mistrust reports of actual atrocities. can involve photographs, videos, illustrations, and rumors detailing exaggerated or invented crimes perpetrated by enemies.

A Brief History of

has been used numerous times to start conflicts. It is a tool of choice for propagandists who want to demonise the ‘enemy' and spread false information. Here are just a few examples:

Babies on Bayonets

World I

Flashback: Babies on Bayonets |

In this clip from The (Part Two) James Corbett examines the propaganda surrounding the “Rape of Belgium” at the start of and the actions of the baby bayonetting evil Hun savages…

One example of is the “Babies on Bayonets” story, which was used during World I to accuse the Germans of tossing Belgian babies into the air and catching them on their bayonets. This story was later found to be untrue, and the Canadian high command investigated the matter, concluding that it was a fictitious atrocity. The “Babies on Bayonets” story is an example of how can be used to create a wave of patriotism and justify efforts.

Babies Thrown From Incubators

The Nayirah Al-Ṣabaḥ testimony – 10 October 1990 – Gulf

The Nayirah testimony was false testimony given before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990, by a 15-year-old girl who was publicly identified at the time by her first name, Nayirah. The testimony was widely publicised and was cited numerous times by U.S. senators and President George H. W. Bush in their rationale to support in the Gulf . In her testimony, Nayirah claimed that after the Iraqi invasion of she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, remove the incubators and leave the babies to die. 

“I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns. They took the babies out of incubators, took the incubators and left the to die on the cold floor.”

– Nayirah lies with ease

However, it was later revealed that her testimony was organised as part of the ‘Citizens for a Free ' public relations campaign, which was run by the American public relations firm for the Kuwaiti Government. Furthermore, it was revealed that Nayirah's last name was Al-Ṣabaḥ and that she was the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the . Following this, Nayirah's testimony has come to be regarded as a classic example of modern .

Gaddafi Gave Viagra for Soldiers to Rape

US Ambassador – 2011

In 2011, allegations arose that , the former Libyan leader, was supplying his troops with Viagra to encourage mass rape. The claim was made by US Ambassador at a closed-door meeting of officials at the

offers no evidence.

Rice accused Gaddafi of numerous human rights abuses, including the use of rape as a weapon of . However, US military and intelligence officials told NBC News that there was no evidence that Libyan military forces were being given Viagra and engaging in systematic rape against women in rebel areas. The Viagra claim surfaced in an al-Jazeera report from -based doctors who said they had found Viagra in the pockets of pro-Gaddafi soldiers. However, foreign affairs specialists expressed skepticism about the claim, and several diplomats who attended the closed-door Security Council meeting on told Reuters that Rice provided no evidence for the Viagra allegation, which they said was made in an attempt to persuade doubters the conflict in was not just a standard civil but a much nastier fight in which Gaddafi is not afraid to order his troops to commit heinous acts.

In June 2011, the began an investigation into the rape allegations seeking to add the rapes to Gaddafi's list of crimes charges. The Viagra claim was later revealed to be a fabrication by a UN envoy in 2022.

Assad Gassing and Bombing His Own People

Saving Syrias – 2013 | Panorama

Insight: Saving Syria's – The Worst Case of ? |

The allegations that Syrian President has gassed his own people using chemical weapons have been used as a form of . and propaganda have been used to sway public opinion, and visual investigations have been conducted to uncover evidence. The use of chemical weapons in Syria has led to selective outrage at Syrian atrocities, and images of dead Syrian have also been used as propaganda.

The Panorama documentary “Saving Syria's ” has been the subject of controversy and allegations of . The documentary has been accused of being propaganda by some critics, who claim that it was staged and that the footage was not real. The documentary has also been criticised for its use of graphic images of injured .

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” 

― Mark Twain

Beheaded Babies

Isreal – October 2023 | i24 News

The unverified reports of beheaded babies in during the conflict with Hamas are yet another example of how can spread quickly and cause outrage.

The report about the alleged murder of babies in was first reported on October 10, 2023, by i24 News, a privately owned Israeli news outlet. The report was widely picked up by many other news organisations and spread on social media. The report claimed that Israeli soldiers found “babies, their heads cut off” and that they believe “40 babies/ were killed”. However, it is important to note that the reports were unverified and had not been confirmed. Reporters were not allowed to substantiate any of the claims by documenting the scenes because soldiers said “it was still too dangerous.”

Sadly, that didn't stop the propagandists spreading the horror. The seed was sewn, the die was cast, the outrage spell had been scattered far and wide, with news organisations in-sync.

Lockstep Media

Two Minute Hate

Politicians, news channels and commentators were clamouring for revenge as soon as the claim was made, some even calling for ethnic cleansing and genocide! They demand their two minutes of HATE!

In The , Ben Shapiro, an insane mongering demon at The Daily Wire, was so desperate to convince his audience of the atrocity that he posted an image that was later proved to be fabricated by .

It has since been revealed that detailed casualty data released by Israeli newspaper Haaretz show that almost half of the death toll from Hamas' Al Aqsa Flood operation are Israeli soldiers and police officers. There are no babies on the list either. READ

Show – 13 Oct 2023 | TNT Radio

and discuss and the escalating situation in the Middle East.

Israeli Lies

What REALLY Happened in October – Nov 2023 | Prop&Co.

Propaganda & Co. reports what the media won't tell you.

Beheaded Babies and Babies in Ovens

The claims of “40 beheaded babies” and “babies in ovens” have been widely debunked as false. The beheaded babies story originated with a report by Nicole Zedeck, a correspondent for the Israeli news outlet i24NEWS, who interviewed an Israeli reserve soldier, David Ben Zion, who claimed that he had seen beheaded babies. However, the Israeli foreign ministry, armed forces, and some correspondents later stated that there was no evidence for the claim, and the White House clarified that President Joe Biden had been quoting press reports he had read. The “babies in ovens” claim was repeated by journalist Dovid Efune, commentator John Podhoretz, and others in tweets seen over 10 million times. Israeli journalists and police found no evidence for the claim, and a representative of ZAKA, a first responder organisation, said the claim was “false”.

Prelude to World III

A Calling for Genocide

Emotions are running high… by design… again.

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