The World is a Lie | The Tartarian Empire

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Excellent short summary from The QuantumRhino Archive

Who Were The Tartarians?

According to Wikipedia:

“Tartary (Latin: ) or Great Tartary (Latin: Magna) was a historical region in Asia located between the Caspian Sea-Ural Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Tartary was a blanket term used by Europeans for the areas of Central Asia, North Asia, and East Asia unknown to European geography. It encompassed the vast region of the Pontic-Caspian steppe, the Volga-Urals, the Caucasus, Siberia, Inner Asia, Mongolia and Manchuria.

Knowledge of Manchuria, Siberia and Central Asia in Europe prior to the 18th century was limited. The entire area was known simply as “Tartary” and its inhabitants “Tartars”. In the Early modern period, as understanding of the geography increased, Europeans began to subdivide Tartary into sections with prefixes denoting the name of the ruling power or the geographical location. Thus, Siberia was Great Tartary or Russian Tartary, the Crimean Khanate was Little Tartary, Manchuria was Chinese Tartary, and western Central Asia (prior to becoming Russian Central Asia) was known as Independent Tartary.”

Wikipedia claims that was a blanket term and that not much knowledge was available to Europeans but in this book below written by Giovanni da Pian del Carpine in 1252 we can find an extensive research made about the Tartars and their empire.

What We Know

(originally pronounced “Tataria” without the first “r”) is the name of the pre Mongolian empire that originated in northern Asia before spanning the entire northern hemisphere. Great was the largest empire during its time and would have still been the largest empire today. The Tartarian empire flourished due in part of the civilisation being a leader in advanced technology, free energy, and grand .

The Tartarian Empire spanned a large area over several continents.

is also where the Greek word “Tartarus” originated from.

Sidney Australia.

The Mythological goes something like this

“The Tartarians/Tartars were the indigenous people making up the mysterious Tartarian empire. The Tartarians were a tall people, averaging some eight to twelve feet in height. They would have been considered giants with an average height of ten feet. They built incredibly ornate that predated the modern world and that other era's took credit for. And then there is the theory…

What We Don't Know



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