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These Scientists are Altering Weather to Fight Droughts – 8 Dec 2021 |

Controlling the weather: Is it possible? | CBS News

Conference on Global – US Military Ownership of GLOBAL Weather, Explained | The Massachusetts School of Law.

The Massachusetts School of Law's Educational Forum – Conference on Global with , author, educator and environmental writer.

Why Is Funding Solar Research | CNBC

Manmade Climate Change

has been around for almost a century, touted for its ability to increase rain and snowfall in drought-stricken regions. Now the nutters reckon they have the to blot out the sun.

Governments have spent billions on these weather-modifying projects for decades and scientists have proven that works. There are over 2,800 patents associated with and the US Air Force is on record as saying they want to control the weather by 2025. The skies we remember growing up, have transformed into the now we see above, a mess with criss-cross patterns that form into an oily, murky gloom. So how is it that most people imagine is the stuff of theory nonsense and most definitely isn't hapenning? Look up!

Contrails can change the weather 1980 | NBC

tech: How increases rainfall | CNET

Jeremy Clarkson – ” is playing god, it's making it's own weather”

In every country in the world, appear and no one in authority seems to know what they are or why they appear so frequently. It's almost certain that some of the most evil slime on the planet are funding and proliferating this secretive project.

From perenial psychopath, , to and his satanic WEF, they're all in on it. It's a high-brow slime fest! So it has to be about and disease.

So what is behind a dystopian future of chemical skies, disease and ? The human species is at the precipice. Where do we go from here? Wherever it is, heaven or hell, they must be stopped! We know the task is immense. We also know these things are never questioned in the fake stream – which, to be fair, is a pretty big clue – and why they're never investigated by any scientific body. Now with 2022 vision we can all see the evil agenda – if we choose to look.

Whatever their reason for this obvious anti-human nightmare, you can be sure of one thing. They hate us and they want us dead.


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