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visible at 1,127 km !!! – 6 Mar 2022 |

It's so cool that you can see from the top of on a clear day. Or can you?

On 25th of July 2021, Andrew Baillie took a photograph with his iPhone at the top of entitled ‘View to Y Lliwedd from mount Snowdon'. Little did Andrew realise that his photograph would cause quite a stir as it appears that unbeknown to him, not only had he taken a lovely picture of Snowdonia and its surroundings on a beautiful clear day, he had also captured the mountains of the french alps and Mon Blanc in the distance – which is of course not possible.

Or is it?

Over the hills and far far away.

In a reply to a comment on Flickr, Braillie writes,

“That was partly what drew me to the view – the snaking path down the side of the mountain, as well as the sharp peak and the views beyond.”

Andrew Baillie

In a now deleted comment, eagle-eyed Gaspard Beaumont responds,

“and “the views beyond” take us very, very far…. ^^”

This incredible vision inspired many to grab their calculators and do the sums. Eight inches squared per mile, a total distance of 1,125.91 km (699.61 mi)? It shouldn't be possible, right? But here we are, it certainly does look like the peaks of the alps and in the distance, no? What do you think?

Photo Credit: Andrew Baillie – ‘View to Y Lliwedd'

You may expect that one would revel in the joy of having captured an apparently impossible image but unfortunately it would seem that Baillie is not at all amused. Instead, he has opted to make the photograph ‘adult content' and deride those interested in the extraordinary image. Rather than allow people to scrutinise his photo, Baillie has elected to completely change the image, removing the offending background in Photoshop to this:

Defaced: Amended image of ‘View to Y Lliwedd'

In a recent comment on his Flickr page, Braillie wrote the following,


If you've arrived here from watching a flat-eather's video or someone's video debunking a flat-earther's video, then welcome. 

I've doctored the shot that you see. It didn't look like that originally. I amended it so that no-one will want to lift the photo from this site (as a few people have already done) to make inaccurate videos speculating how far one can see around the globe.

The above is pretty much what was there before, but with the debatable bits removed, such as clouds that people have mistaken for mountains in the distance, or a horizon that could be mistaken for, I don't know, a cheese roll, a Toblerone mountain, or an inflated sense of importance.

No correspondence will be entered into, so don't try to contact me about what this shot used to look like. I'm not interested.

Many thanks”

Andrew Baillie

The updated image description now reads,

View to Y Lliwedd
One of those wonderful days where you can see the South Downs from the Top of !
Beyond Y lliwedd, you can see the village of Alfriston as well as the ridge to Bo Peep and Firle Beacon.
And of course, the Ice Wall just beyond.”

Quite witty perhaps if a little puerile. Defacing evidence of extraordinary phenomena, scandalous?

Flickr page: ‘View to Y Lliwedd from mount Snowdon'

It's clear that Braillie wasn't happy with people using his image without permission and creating, as he puts it, “inaccurate videos speculating how far one can see around the globe” but it's worth noting that the image was publicly available before he locked it behind Flickr's ‘adult content' door, and UK copyright law has exceptions to copyright that allow for criticism, review and teaching.

One question still remains, can we see and the French Alps in Andrew's original photograph? If so, how? We're not supposed to be able to see that far…

Perhaps, as ABC fake stream weatherman shill, Tom Coomes puts it,

“What you are seeing there is a mirage.”

Tom Coomes – ABC News


But then, perhaps the real news here isn't that you can see further than you're supposed to see but that there's a clear view from the top of

That's a bloody miracle!

What does the AI say? According to ,

“You can see from the top of , but it is a very distant view. According to Mark Horrell's blog post, from the summit of Snowdon, the horizon is 118km away, while from the summit of , it's 248km away1. This means that is visible from Snowdon, but it would be a very small and distant view. Additionally, is much taller than Snowdon, so it would be difficult to see it clearly from that distance2.”

Perplexity AI

Let's leave it at that. The_Void

‘View to Y Lliwedd‘ Photograph Details

Photo: Andrew Baillie – 25 July 2021
“View to Y Lliwedd_From
Apple iPhone 11
f/1.8 – 1/3205s
32 ISO
4.2mm = 30,24mm (equivalent 24×36)
Photo taken on July 25, 2021, at 5:25 p.m.

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Source: Mont Blanc visible at 1 127 km !!! – Odysee


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