Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution – Part 1 | Anthony Sutton

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Antony C. Sutton on Western Support to Soviet build-up.

Antony Sutton, a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution from 1968 to 1973. During his time at the Hoover Institute he wrote the major study Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (in three volumes), arguing that the West played a major role in developing the from its very beginnings up until the present time ().

The why is to bring about, I suspect, a planned control of society in which you and I won’t find the freedoms to do and think what we believe.”

Anthony C. Sutton

Sutton argued that the ’s technological and manufacturing base – which was then engaged in supplying the Viet Cong – was built by United States corporations and largely funded by US taxpayers. Steel and iron plants, the GAZ automobile factory – a Ford subsidiary, located in eastern – and many other Soviet industrial enterprises were, according to Sutton, built with the help or technical assistance of the United States or U.S. corporations. He argued further that the ’s acquisition of MIRV technology was made possible by receiving (from U.S. sources) machining equipment for the manufacture of precision ball bearings, necessary to mass-produce MIRV-enabled missiles.


Source: Antony Sutton – Wall Street & Bolshevik Revolution Part 1of 2 – YouTube

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