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The Spell Has Brocken

Children of The Beast & Their Global Death Cult – 19 Sept 2022 |

Author and investigator joins to discuss his books and research into and the children of darkness.

“It's almost like the fake moon landing is the set piece for . How does somebody know they can get away with pulling off ? Well, we pulled off the moon landing, right?”

“It was all fiction. It's incredible to think they put that much time and energy, and they hoodwinked people for a long time. You wouldn't be able to ascertain that without the internet I think.”

's Shadow Over

Children of the Beast: 's Shadow Over

In Children of the Beast, author traces the impact of the Great Beast, occultist , upon the culture and history of the Twentieth Century and the New Millennium. Based upon a wide examination of diverse sources, Ramsey reveals in the book how varied individuals such as Adolf Hitler, Ian Fleming, Arthur C. Clarke, H. R. Giger, Timothy Leary and David Bowie are connected to and influenced by the Prophet of the New Age, . Filled with new research and unique insight into the lives of famous personalities, Children of the Beast investigates the immense impact of upon modern history.

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