Your World in Their Hands: The Enslavement of Humanity | Investigation

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became aware of the environmental, Trojan Horse fraud after attending the World Wilderness Congress in Colorado in 1987.

helped to organise the environmental conference, dubbed the ‘4th World Wilderness Congress‘, the meeting took place in Denver, Colorado, and brought together Strong, Edmond de Rothschild, then-Treasury Secretary James Baker, and a gaggle of other oligarchs, bankers, Washington power players and globalists, ostensibly to talk about the environment.

What they actually discussed was altogether more incredible.

Your world in their hands.

“I suggest therefore that this be sold not through a democratic process. That would take too long and devour far too much of the funds to educate the cannon fodder, unfortunately, that populates the earth. We have to take almost an elitist program, [so] that we can see beyond our swollen bellies, and look to the future in time frames and in results which are not easily understood, or which can be, with intellectual honesty, reduced down to some kind of simplistic definition.”

 | 4th World Wilderness Congress | 1987

Those were the words of , a banker from Montreal who spoke during the conference. And to Lang, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the other bankers and oiligarchs assembled at the meeting, the general population are “cannon fodder” that “unfortunately […] populates the earth.” This candid admission, a perfect encapsulation of the eugenical ideas at the heart of the global conservation movement funded into existence by the oiligarchs themselves, was caught on tape by , a businessman in Boulder, Colorado, who had volunteered to help the conference as a concerned citizen and came away horrified by what he had witnessed there. He released his own recordings of the proceedings in the early 1990s to warn the public about this group and its ultimate aims.

Hunt's recording captured the moment when introduced Baron — whose father's cousin had sold the Rothschild's Azerbaijani oil fields to Royal Dutch Shell in 1911 — as a pioneer of the environmental movement and a founder of the concept of “conservation banking.”

The Enslavement
of Humanity

“One of the most important initiatives that is open here for your consideration is that of the conservation banking program. As we mentioned this morning, we have, as our chairman, fortunately, the person who really is the source of this very significant concept. He was/is one of the trustees of the International Wilderness Foundation, which sponsored this meeting. He was at the first of these conferences. So his conversion to the relationship between conservation and economic development has been a pioneering one. So there is no better person. He epitomizes in his own life that positive synthesis between environment, conservation on the one hand and on the other, and I'm just delighted to have this opportunity of introducing to you .”

– 4th World Wilderness Congress – 1987

“The light of freedom is going out throughout the world. You know who the culprits are now.”

– 1992

People like have been warning of an impending globalist ‘World Order' takeover for decades.

From the Wilderness conference in Colorado in 1987, to the in 1992, to and The Global Goals for , the objective has always been the same – the total control of humanity.


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