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Stolen History – Part 45 and Part 46 | Sylvie Ivanova

This absolutely brilliant and groundbreaking series by Sylvie Ivanova is a must watch for all history enthusiasts and those interested in an alternative timeline to the one depicted in books.

Antarctica – Hidden Evidence

A very interesting exploration of the mystical Antarctica region and its notification in history.

Mysterious Anomalies In Antarctica

What is going on down in Antarctica and why are so many high profile people going there?

Human Prehistory – Phillip Lindsay | Forum Borealis

Join a journey to the most obscure extremes of human antiquity, namely of the ancient scrolls known as Stanzas of Dzyan.

What on Earth Happened? – Part Thirteen – Down The Rabbit Hole | EWAR

The concluding part of EWAR's fascinating study of life, the universe and everything.

Agartha The Hidden Civilisation of Inner Earth | Truth or Lore

There's an ancient mystery of connected tunnels across the world...

The Case For The Hollow Earth | Dr. Brooks Adnew | Part Two

What appeared when the red ice broke open?

When The Atlantean Empire Attacked | Robert Sepehr

In Greek mythology the Titanomachy, or War of the Titans, was the ten-year series of battles...

Hollow Earth

What is inside the earth?

Inner Earth Civilisations

What is really beneath your feet? There is still so much we still don't know about this realm.

The Case For A Hollow Earth – Dr. Brooks Agnew – Part One | Forum Borealis

This man set up an expedition to find the inner earth...

Inner Earth Civilisations Exist and I Can Prove It Could the inner…

Nazis In Antarctica | Operation High Jump

The Nazis believed there might have been a civilisation inside the Earth and that Antarctica held the key...