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John Waters: Covid Takeover | Red Ice

Journalist John Waters joins Henrik from Ireland to discuss the Covid takeover.

Ralph Ellis – Egypt, the Hyksos, Pharaohs and the Bible | Red Ice Radio

Henrik Palmgren talks to Ralph Ellis about ancient biblical history

John Anthony West – Our Civilisation and Ancient Egypt | Red Ice Radio

John Anthony West discusses his brilliant Magical Egypt series with Henrik on Red Ice Radio..

Actress Sean Young Talks About Her Conspiracy Awakening | Red ice

Actress Sean Young goes down the rabbit hole... and names names.

San Bernardino Shooting: Islam, The West and; False Flags

Jay Dyer takes a deep dive into islam, the west and the san bernardino shootings...

Imperial Culture vs. Tribal Heritage | Red Ice Radio

Neil discusses the differences between imperial culture and organic human culture.

The Science Delusion | Red Ice Radio

The Future is the Past. The past is the present. The present is the future.

Ralph Ellis | The Biblical Shepherd

Ralph Ellis goes down the religious rabbit hole