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The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. But lots of useful idiots want you to believe that it is.

Here's an example:

The phrase has shot throughout the fringes of Right-Wing Twitter like a virus through a karaoke bar. According to Pauline Hanson of the Australian party One Nation it is an attempt to establish a ‘socialist left Marxist view of the world'. James Delingpole describes it as a ‘global communist takeover plan'.

You get the idea. Anyone who imagines that is a serious threat belongs on the crackpot fringe. I hear this a lot and it's a point that needs addressing because if we're not careful the bastards will get away with it.

Just as the devil's greatest trick was to persuade the world he didn't exist, so it suits promoters of for people to believe they're not serious about their plan — even despite the fact that every last detail is spelled out on the 's website.

And in its tweets (unless, like me, you're blocked).

And on the cover of Time magazine.

And in books like the one WEF founder published this year titled COVID-19: the Great Reset.

So why, given the weight of evidence, do so many wiseacres think they know better?

The first reason is cowardice — or squeamishness if you prefer. No-one wants to believe that totalitarian rule is just around the corner (as it will be if is allowed to happen) because that's a scary thought which many people would prefer not to entertain. It's the equivalent of burying your head underneath the pillow to make the monsters go away — and lots of people do it long after childhood.

In the late '20s, for example, lots of supposedly intelligent and informed commentators pooh-poohed the notion that the funny little man with the moustache building a power base in Germany presented any kind of genuine threat. Sure he'd spelled out exactly what he planned in a 1925 manifesto called Mein Kampf. But c'mon — those Lederhosen, that hysterical oratory — no way was he going to lead a level-headed, war-chastened people like the Germans into another insane global conflict…

The second reason is tone policing. Tone policing is a game played mostly by the left but which has been unthinkingly copied by the squishier sort of conservative. It's a way of closing down arguments you disagree with or which make you uncomfortable. Instead of actually addressing the argument itself, you focus on a rhetorical flourish you consider to be overly dramatic or a word you find inapt — and use that to imply that this invalidates your opponent's case.

So, in the piece mentioned above, the author invokes the word “conspiracy” to imply that the whole notion is a bit tinfoil hat; and the word “communist” in order argue that is actually more of a “capitalist” endeavour — as if somehow these nitpicking debating points suddenly make OK.

But is not OK. It really doesn't matter whether you want to cast its masterplan — which remember, ultimately includes the abolition of private property — as communist or fascist or technocratic. The much more important point is that it represents a totalitarian takeover by a small, powerful, oppressive, unelected elite which will leave the rest of us impoverished, immiserated, and deprived of our liberty.

As for the “conspiracy” word, this has now become the lazy get-out of choice for anyone who wants to challenge a conservative argument about left-wing skullduggery without actually having to go to the trouble of making a counter-argument.

You think President Trump just had the election stolen? Nah. You're just a conspiracy theorist…

I addressed the ‘c' word before in my book Watermelons — about the global warming scare and the environmentalist agenda (which, I need hardly tell you, has nothing to do with saving the environment and is everything to do with , green on the outside, red on the inside).

No, I don't think “” is a conspiracy, I patiently explained — precisely in order to avoid the lazy dismissal that I'm a kook. No one sat round in a darkened, smoke-filled room planning this stuff. Rather, it's what I call a “concatenation of mutual interes”. That is, crony capitalists, hair shirt eco loons, left-wing radicals, shyster politicians, and dodgy scientists all have very different personal reasons for getting involved with the scam. But it happens that the scam suits all their differing needs just perfectly.

Another phrase for this is “convergent opportunism”.

It's because of my research on Watermelons that I'm so disinclined to treat as just the crazed ramblings of a few globalist loons with an inflated sense of their own importance.

No, I know it's real because I've seen variations on it before. These people and their ideological confreres have been talking about it for decades. Sometimes it comes under the codename (or LA 21), which has now been updated as Agenda 2030. Sometimes it comes under the catch-all phrase — at once vague and extremely dangerous — “”. Sometimes it's known as the “” (though “deindustrial apocalypse” would be more accurate).

It's a plan whose blueprint you'll find embedded everywhere — in local government policy plans, in speeches by prime ministers, at UN conferences like the annual COP events such as the one at Paris whose Paris Accord President Trump sensibly pulled out of because he knows a rat when he smells one…

The reason it has become so pressing and urgent and frightening and newsworthy now is simply that the of 2020 has been seized, Rahm Emmanuel style, as the crisis the globalists won't let go to waste…

What does look like? How is it already affecting your life and stealing your freedoms?

I'll explain in my next piece. You need to know this stuff. Forewarned is forearmed. Only then can the resistance begin.

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Source: Delingpole: The Great Reset Is Not a Conspiracy Theory


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