Dr. Julie Ponesse: The word ‘Science’ is Being Used to Justify and Enforce Tyranny | Bards of Freedom

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A discussion with Mother and Philosophy Professor Dr Julie Ponesse, her most important areas of specialisation are health care ethics, ethical theory including Moral Psychology and Ancient Philosophy, a M.A. in Bioethics from UofT and more.

Doctor Talks #11: Dr Julie Ponesse, PhD. Department of Philosophy | Bards of Freedom

She has published in Bioethics, worked in the clinical setting (e.g. sitting on research ethics boards), and regularly teach courses in Applied Ethics, inc. Health Care Ethics

“The linguistics of the Covid narrative are incredibly powerful and almost no word has been used as a greater vehicle in this covid narrative than the word ‘science’. The word ‘science’ is being used to justify and enforce certain actions and to sideline the questioner.”

“‘Science’ the word has almost become a synonym for goodness or virtue or perfection.”

Dr. Julie Ponesse

Mirrored – https://youtu.be/7YK11ZH7k9w

Source: Doctor Talks #11 Dr Julie Ponesse, PhD. Department of Philosophy

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