Four Lions

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Four Lions is a 2010 British political satire black comedy film directed by Chris Morris and written by Morris, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong.

A group of radicalised young British Muslim men aspire to be suicide bombers. They are Omar (), who is deeply critical of Western society and interventionism; his very dim-witted cousin Waj (); Barry (), a bad-tempered and extremely rash English convert to Islam; and the naive Faisal (), who tries to train crows to be used as bombers. While Omar and Waj travel to an al Qaeda-affiliated training camp in Pakistan, Barry recruits a fifth member, Hassan (). The training trip ends in disaster when Omar attempts to shoot down an American drone and accidentally destroys part of the camp; the pair are forced to flee. However, Omar uses the experience to assert authority on his return to Britain.

A movie that almost certainly would never get made in today's politically sensitive world. Considered a work of genius by many, 's insightful satire is just the tonic modern society needs.



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