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Delingpole: “Build Back Better” is pure New World Order.

I've seen some nauseating sights in my time – flyblown corpses, regurgitated kebab on student drinking nights, any show involving Piers Morgan – but rarely have I seen anything more emetic than delegates rising to applaud Prime Minister 's closing at the Conservative Party Conference.

Sure, if Bojo had just been addressing a meeting of the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet or, worse, the Green Party, or, worst of all, the I could understand the enthusiasm.

But a meeting of the supposed ‘Conservative' party of the United Kingdom? Really?? I'd say there was more conservatism in Stalin's right testicle than there was in the farrago of eco-socialistic, globalist bilge spouted by the utterly useless Johnson.

You can, if you've the stomach for it, read it in all its horror here.

There was the inevitable treacly tribute to the corrupt, inefficient, bureaucratic, wasteful, chippy, iatrogenic, bloated, insatiable, economy-crushing National Health Service.

When this country was sick our NHS was the nurse: frontline health care workers: battled against a new disease, selflessly, risking their lives, sacrificing their lives. And it is right that this Party, that has looked after the NHS for most of its history, should be the one to rise to the challenge.

There was a paean to open borders

This is the government that stood up to China and announced that we would provide a haven for British overseas nationals in Hong Kong.

30,000 have already applied, and I am really proud to be part of a Conservative government that will welcome 20,000 Afghan people…

There was an eco-fascist hat tip to the bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes despoiling Britain's coastal waters

The other day I took a boat out into the Moray Firth, to see an aquatic forest of white turbines towering over the water like the redwoods of California. And you have no idea of their size until you see them up close, the deceptive speed of their wings, twice the diameter of the London eye, their tips slicing the air at more than 100 miles per hour…

Almost worse than the content, though, was the whimsical, ‘aren't I a cheeky chappie?' tone. Here's a particularly painful example, a tribute to his Lavrenty Beria, Michael Gove.

It is because for months we have had one of the most open economies and societies and on July 19 we decided to open every single theatre and every concert hall and night club in England and we knew that some people would still be anxious, so we sent top government representatives to our sweatiest boites de nuit to show that anyone could dance perfectly safely. And wasn't he brilliant my friends? Let's hear it for Jon Bon Govi. Living proof that we, you all represent the most jiving hip happening and generally funkapolitan party in the world.

The Tory boy types who attend these conferences seemed to lap this nonsense up. But for me, it felt like some buffoon trying to jolly you along with knock-knock jokes just after you'd been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Britain is as moribund, ruined, doomed as any terminal cancer patient. Its people have been zombified by months of petty diktats and the loss of self-esteem which comes from having no job to go to because it was killed during lockdown and will never come back. Really this is no time for 's trademark jauntiness (if indeed there ever was a time for 's trademark jauntiness). Rather it's the time for a plan to get the country out of this mess. But unfortunately, there is no such plan, because getting the country into this mess always was the plan.

Anyone familiar with the Weltanschauung of 's sinister (WEF) will already understand this. It's no accident that in the last 18 months, the Johnson regime's policies have led to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of jobs. In the United Kingdom, as elsewhere, what we're witnessing is the death throes of Western Civilisation as we knew it and the beginnings of a hideous New World Order. It isn't as though the WEF has ever made any secret of its vision of a near-future where ‘You'll own nothing and be happy'.

What is surprising, though, is how easily democracies around the world have got away with implementing this New World Order.

You really might have hoped there would be more resistance to what is, after all, the most widespread collective assault on personal freedom in the history of the world.

But no, most people seem to be happy to go along with it; even to kid themselves that, against all the evidence, globalist puppets like Johnson are doing a great job.

Maybe that's why They (the shadowy forces behind this globalist takeover) don't even bother pretending to hide what they are doing any more.

I highly recommend this superb Twitter thread which shows how the entire conference was really just an advert for the globalist agenda of the .

” is not a Conservative phrase. It's not even a British phrase. It's the invention of a democratically unaccountable, Swiss-based organisation that promotes global and a New World Order.

And Johnson has been promoting this sinister and frightening message throughout the conference completely unchallenged by the mainstream media because the MSM is part of the problem.

No it's not ‘fantastic', Johnson. And I think you'll find that ‘the people's priorities', were you to consult those people, do not include becoming the insect-eating serfs of the globalist super-rich. When the populace wakes up to what's really happening to their country they'll be horrified. By then, unfortunately, it may be too late to do much about it.

Source: Delingpole: Globalist Puppet BoJo Brown-Noses Build Back Better

James really is one of those beacons of light that can cover vast distances and illuminate the darkest places. His work is very much appreciated her at The_Void.

Until the last man standing.


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