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Ice Age Farming – #SolutionsWatch |

The nature of the problem is centralisation. The nature of our solution is decentralised. 

talks to Christian Westbrook (aka the Ice Age Farmer) about the problems facing the global food supply—from the coming global to the globalist plan to “reset the table” and transform global food systems. More importantly, they discuss what can be done about these problems.

It was death by a thousand cuts in the name of convenience that got us here.

Christian Westbrook | The Ice Age Farmer


We need to make the transition from consuming to producing. 

Principles of good soil husbandry

• Start growing food 

• Collect and save seeds

• Keep animals

• Practice good soil husbandry

• Support local food systems

• Purchase from local farmers and suppliers 

• Consider local exchange transactions

• Build community interdependence


Ice Age Farmer

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Source: Ice Age Farming – #SolutionsWatch

Source: Ice Age Farming – #SolutionsWatch


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