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Scamdemic and The Globalist Agenda

: – 23 December 2021 |

A wide-ranging and amusing discussion, Millennial Woes continues his excellent Millenniyule 2021 conversations with Computing Forever. The two discuss the madness we find ourselves in at the end of 2021 – and the globalist shakedown.

Is there a way to stop the insanity and shake the out of their deep slumber?

“There was a woman on Twitter and she said that if I had head lice and I used head lice shampoo for sixth months and found that the head lice hadn't gone away or that I had more head lice, I would say that the head lice shampoo didn't work, the last thing I would do would blame it on the people that didn't use the shampoo.”

Computing Forever

“It's amazing, this year I've started growing potatoes.”

Computing Forever

Black Pills and Hopium

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Source: Millenniyule 2021: Computing Forever


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