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On Chris Whitty's advice, the have shut down the entire country for a whole year (so far).

They have collapsed the economy, destroyed education for a generation, made thousands of people depressed and suicidal, cancelled thousands of life saving treatments, put non-resuscitation orders on the vulnerable, changed laws and death certificates etc etc. These decisions have killed thousands of people under the banner of actually ‘saving lives'.

The levels of deception & ridiculousness are so obvious it hurts your brain to sit back and watch. However the lobotomised UK population have become a nation of hypochondriacs begging their masters for life saving mRNA so they can go back to NORMAL, (Nando's, Concerts, Pubs and Benidorm etc), which they will literally sell their souls to these parasites, and that of their future generations to get some fraction of the fiction back! Insanity :(

Remember, We're All Sheep, and We're All Being Farmed.
But Some Of Us Are Really Trying To Escape.

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Source: Sheep Farm 9 | Meet the Flockers | Professor Chris Whitty – Part 1

Source: Sheep Farm 9 | Meet the Flockers | Professor Chris Whitty – Part 2


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