Survival of Spaceship Earth – The Hideous Rockefeller Depopulation Film

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Survival of Spaceship Earth | 1972 (condensed version)

Too many on the spaceship (earth) is not sustainable. Must keep ship sustainable (balance population and resources). The UN plan for world government and : They use to get you to accept their plan.

“Earth's environmental crisis–brought about by uncontrolled technological progress–is endangering life on a global scale. At the core of the threats to the planet – wars, overpopulation, pollution, and the depletion of natural resources – is the inadequacy of the nation state to come to terms with the surmounting problems of twentieth century living.”

“What is urgently needed is the kind of international cooperation where nation states relinquish part of their sovereignty to a world body entrusted with the management of mankind's future.”

Fortunately, most of the evil bastards, nazi scientists, and corporate demons in this film are dead, but unfortunately their degenerate offspring are still with us.

It's time to wake up to reality.


Source: Survival of Spaceship Earth – IMDb


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