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The Fascist Great Reset

: The Podcast:

In what is a predictably excellent conversation, and Ivor Cummings discuss the fraud of the Covid mind-virus and of The (fascist) Great Reset.A must listen, must share conversation to discover the horrors that the corporates rulers of the world have in store for us.


James Delingpole kicks off the conversation,

“Isn't one of the craziest things of this crazy year that an act of supreme rebellion is going for a walk in the streets without wearing a mask and saying hello to people who aren't in your ‘bubble'?”


On discussing the Klaus Schwab takeover of the world, Ivor Cummings says,

“The corporates are directing the show, working with the governments. This is the definition of fascism, it's corporations and state coming together for their mutual benefits but it always leaves out the voter.”

Continuing, Ivor says,

“It's basically a profoundly undemocratic takeover of the system in The West.”

Ant Farm

Wrapping up the conversation, Ivor explains that before the Coronadrama, he worked for Irish Heart Disease Awareness where he was focused on saving lives and improving the population's health.

Ivor says,

“Ironically, I had to switch to this because what they're doing is destroying, not only population health and everything that life is worth living for, but there's a long-term plan to make sure it stays destroyed for a long time so that very rich and power-hungry people can have an Ant farm and make lots of money.”

Cummings concludes,

“What's the point spending years fighting to improve population health and then allow this to go on? I can't.”

, who let's face it has been on the money for years now, and the dulcet toned Ivor Cummings, serve you up a veritable treat of wrong-think.

We see this as a nexus point in history where you have the six biggest corporations on the planet, Microsoft, AppleAmazonGoogleFacebookand Twitter united in suppressing freedom of information, freedom of thought, and the freedom to choose what's best for you.

Fascism is back with a vengeance and this time it's corporate. The_Void

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