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MONOPOLY – Who Owns The World? | Tim Gielen

This brilliant documentary reveals why our world is so fucked. We've been enslaved to a super elite who now want most of us gone.

The Fluoride Deception – An Interview with Christopher Bryson

Reads like a thriller, but one supported by two hundred pages of source notes and years of investigative research.

Tucker Carlson | Turning Point USA 2021

Remember when America is gone there will be nowhere left to flee to.


The population is concentrated in six corporate city-states: Transport, Food, Communication, Housing, Luxury, and Energy, each with its own rollerball team. The corporations share a computer that is supposed to be storing classified versions of every known document, yet it has inadvertently lost all record of the 13th century.

Four Horsemen

It's Inside Job with bells on... who killed America?