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“We can all see where this is heading…” Katie Hopkins

The Void agrees, straight to the concentration camp!!

The British government once spent a lot of time denying there would ever be such a thing as an Immunity Passport in the UK. In fact, Cabinet Officer Michael Gove said there would never be a ‘vaccination passport' in England earned by taking the COVID vaccine.

So it should come as absolutely no surprise to us, given the hypocrisy of politicians on both sides of the pond, to learn the UK will be issuing vaccination cards to everyone who has had the COVID ‘vaccine' – and these cards must be kept on our person at all times.

Official images from the government show the card we will be required to carry. On the front, in large bold text, is the warning: ‘Make sure you keep this record card in your purse or wallet'.

My first thought is that these cards look remarkably easy to counterfeit and I better have a word with my mate Dodgy Dave down the docks to see if I can get my hands on one.

Isn't it strange? We have never been given a card or required to carry one for any other vaccination or jab. Why is this COVID jab so different? Why do we need a card now?

The language used in this blatant infringement of our liberty is telling.

Foreign Office Minister James Cleverly has said millions of people in the UK will have their lives ‘unlocked' by having the coronavirus jab and a card to prove it.

As soon as a politician starts using the words ‘unlocked' and ‘freed up' you can be certain the very opposite is true.

Since when were people ever made more free by having their DNA altered and being obliged to carry a card to prove it? How long before a card has a QR code, passport photo and home address? How long before this card determines access to healthcare, schooling or transport?

I asked doctors and nurses whether they felt pressured by their employer into taking the vaccine and was shocked by the overwhelming response – not just by the volume but by the real sense of not being able to speak out or find colleagues to talk to.

Many told me they were looking for a way out of the health service because they can see what's coming. Others told me they were vehemently against the vaccine and gave clear and compelling rationales as to why.

Alarmingly, some spoke of management meetings in which it was stated that a 75% staff uptake of the vaccine would be ‘required'; some had been offered bribes of vouchers at Amazon and M&S to take the vaccine; and one told me he was advised to pretend he had already had the vaccine when administering it to others.

I have kept their identities confidential as promised:

“I'm a specialist nurse in the .

I was in a meeting on Thursday and the walls are pretty thin as we work in a modular building, and I overheard the board members meeting discussing the roll-out of the vaccine starting Tuesday for all healthcare staff.

They were discussing the possible reasons why staff might refuse the vaccine and what can be said to argue their case – e.g. egg allergy. The has a target of 75% uptake of the COVID vaccination among its staff, I don't know what they will do if they do not achieve this. They also said in this meeting that they cannot at the moment force staff to have this vaccine.

It's all very scary to me. I do not want to be involved in the roll-out of this vaccine but all staff members have been asked to complete their immunisation, basic life support and anaphylaxis training as they suspect this roll-out will require all registered staff being involved.

If I had a choice I'd move to a desert island and take all my loved ones; the world's gone completely bonkers.”

Bonkers is about right. We are being nudged by smiling politicians and their allies in white coats toward a Chinese social credit system that encompasses all aspects of life and judges citizens' behaviour and trustworthiness.

In China if you are caught jaywalking, don't pay a court bill or play your music too loud on the train, you could lose certain rights such as booking a flight or train ticket. These systems vary from area by area – or, to put it in a US setting, from state to state.

One city, Rongcheng, gives all residents 1,000 points to start. Authorities make deductions for bad behaviour like traffic violations, and add points for good behaviour such as donating to charity.

Here in the West, I think it's safe to say we can see where all this is heading, one baby step at a time. Businesses including Qantas airline have already said they will give preferential treatment to anyone who has had a jab and can prove it.

Those that saw this coming recall being mocked for their delusions only a few months back: “Hats off to all the conspiracy theorists who said this months ago yet were mocked by everyone online. Now what's next?” 2020 has shown conspiracy-theorists to be largely on the side of truth. It's just that, in the immortal words of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, most people can't handle the truth.

Some ministers are calling for legislation to stop people being discriminated against on the basis of their immunisation record, forgetting that there is already legislation in place to stop this kind of behaviour. Coercive control is already illegal in the UK.

In the past this law was used for domestic abuse – husband against wife, one partner against another bullying and threatening to achieve control.

This is medical . And it is the British government against its own people.

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Source: Coercion is Illegal in the UK | Frontpagemag


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